Character Besties (Boys)

Some fictional characters I would love to be best friends with.

Ryan from “Ryan’s Bed” is kind of amazing. He is one of the coolest fictional characters ever written. He knows how to defend his friends and he is just an all-around great human being. He’s freaking hilarious and so are his friends. -Tijan

I freaking love, “Five Feet Apart” because of Will. He has this bland humor that fits my type of funny. He’s just pessimistic and that’s how I am. Now, I wouldn’t have the stomach to do half the things he has done, but I would do some things rather close to it. -Rachael Lippincott

So I never mention “Watched” but I need to because Jesse is so amazing. He found a girl online and traveled far and wide to save her. He’s a freaking superhero.

Nate is one of my favorites. He’s from “This is Falling” which you guys have definitely heard me talking about. I love him. His humor will lighten every dark moment and the comfort you feel with him is insane.

Blogger’s Note:

Blogging is hard.

Love you all ♡

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