Book Plot Ideas

So I have a lot of thoughts for book ideas. Here are a few of them that I have that I would love to pursue in the future. I am scared to do this for the pure fact of people stealing my ideas. If you do take the summary, you will never be able to take my writing style so don’t even try.

  1. Hear me out: I have a superhero concept that I thought of like a year ago that I love and I want to do next. So there’s a girl and she got powers and crap. She is a test subject and that’s how she gets her powers. Now, this science laboratory where she got her powers, has this intern, employee guy. He is going to be there for her when she leaves the laboratory to go to high school. He basically gets paid to be her aid and document what life is like when you have powers and you’re around people who don’t. They fall in love by the way.
  2. I want to write a Mulan retelling about being a woman in the military and having to deal with life like that. Like a mixture of the She’s the Man and Mulan.
  3. My last thought is about suicide. I want to write about what it’s like having suicidal thoughts and depression, because it something to joke about and right now in the country, it’s the highest it has ever been. Suicide rates increase by 24% every year in the U.S. I have researched multiple sites and one site specifically stated that it’s usually in the youth. I want to write a story about a teen who had a life like mine, but nonetheless she was suicidal. And then there’s this guy who helps her get out of the hole that she has dug mentally for herself.

Blogger’s Note:

Please don’t take my ideas. These are the three stories that I am most excited to write about and I love them dearly.

I was gonna stop writing my current book to write that first story. Fun fact: that story idea came from the child show, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. I love that show because of my baby sister and we watched season five together all day yesterday and it was time well spent. That season had me messed up. Judge me all you want I don’t care, but if you want to watch a bomb show that is so pure, it’s on Netflix. It has one the best plots, I have ever seen.

It is taking me a minute to write a review. I don’t want to stay up late writing reviews instead of getting sleep, so I don’t but just know, I don’t feel good about skipping.

Love you all ♡

Netflix Book Tag:

I use Disney+ more now. Should next week be a Disney Book Tag?

Recently Watched: The book you most recently read-

I just finished reading “Fahrenheit 451” on Tuesday by Ray Bradbury. It was for school but it was the last book nonetheless. I don’t know how I feel about it yet.

I did last watch The Office and are we really surprised by that?

Top Picks: A book recommended to you based on another book you’ve read-

So I read “After” by Anna Todd and ya’ll know how much I love Lovely Like Laura on YouTube. So she recommended “Beautiful Disaster” if you liked “After”. I don’t think I even need to get started on this book. It’s so good and I love it so much and I will recommend it to anyone who will listen.

My Netflix don’t show no more Top Picks.

Recently Added: The book you most recently bought-

I am counting Audible in this because I spend money on Audible. The last book I spent money on, was, “Play With Me”, by Rebel H.. I am currently reading this but their bickering is so good. I don’t know about the story line, but I love the writing and the relationship between them.

The first recently added I saw was The Notebook. When was this added. I swear I have not been on Netflix for the longest time.

Popular on Netflix: One book that you have and one book that you haven’t read that everyone has been talking about-

I have “Children of Blood and Bone” but I have not read it yet. A book that I have and also read, is “Tell Me Three Things”.

Parks and Recreation is kind of popular on Netflix right now, which isn’t a surprise since it was created by the same people who created The Office.

Comedies: A funny book-

“Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating” is one of the funniest books I have ever read. I don’t think I have ever laughed more during a book than this one. It was hilarious.

The Office. I love it so much because it is so funny.

Dramas: A character that is a total drama king or queen-

I do not like this book. At all. “Little White Lies” has the most annoying main character. I’m sorry Jennifer Lynn Barnes, but the main character is so selfish and is a know-it-all smart ass. She is a drama queen.

I don’t watch this, but my mom and sister watch Good Girls and I don’t think I have ever heard more drama unless it was some sci-fi crap.

Cartoons: a book with cartoons on the cover-

I have two: “The Friend Zone” by Abby Jimenez and “On the Come Up” by Angie Thomas. The first one is just cute, but the second is just amazing. I love the cover so much and the book is just as good. I cannot wait for the movie.

Miraculuos: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir just came out with new episodes and I am so excited because that is a drama show for kids that has substance.

Watch again: a book or series you want to read again-

“Beautiful Disaster” by Jamie McGuire. I have read it four times already.I am ready to read it a fifth.

The Office. My favorites.

Documentaries: a non-fiction book that you would recommend to everyone-

“Behind Rebel Lines” is the first book that came to my mind. It is one the best non-fiction books I have ever read.

Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery is one of the death documentaries I have ever watched. It’s not on Netflix but y’all need to watch it.

Action & Adventure: an action packed book-

“Red Queen” was a great action book. I don’t like fantasy or any books that aren’t realistic fiction. I did like this first book though. I couldn’t finish the series but the first book was freaking great.

Antman used to be on Netflix and I have a crush on Paul Rudd. He makes everything better! Every movie is better with Paul Rudd. The second movie is on Netflix. I love Antman.

New releases: A new release or soon-to-be-released book that you’re excited about-

“The Upside of Falling” is a 2020 book that I am so excited for that I talked about on my most recent Instagram post so go check it out.

The Miraculous one is a thing I am excited for again.

Blogger’s Note:

I am sick. I got sick on Thursday. I am feeling better today.

I have three basketball games this week. I am so excited!

Also on Thursday (before I got sick) I found out that I got into the school talent show. Which sounds dumb and stupid but it’s not what you think. Two people get to perform in front of two thousand people. I don’t know how many people auditioned but I am one of two who get to sing in front of two thousand people. Because of this, my parents want to take me to an open mic night. I’m gonna be singing soon! Guys I am so excited because this is what I want to do for a living.

I got homework so I’m gonna go do that right now.

Love you all ♡

Character Besties (Boys)

Some fictional characters I would love to be best friends with.

Ryan from “Ryan’s Bed” is kind of amazing. He is one of the coolest fictional characters ever written. He knows how to defend his friends and he is just an all-around great human being. He’s freaking hilarious and so are his friends. -Tijan

I freaking love, “Five Feet Apart” because of Will. He has this bland humor that fits my type of funny. He’s just pessimistic and that’s how I am. Now, I wouldn’t have the stomach to do half the things he has done, but I would do some things rather close to it. -Rachael Lippincott

So I never mention “Watched” but I need to because Jesse is so amazing. He found a girl online and traveled far and wide to save her. He’s a freaking superhero.

Nate is one of my favorites. He’s from “This is Falling” which you guys have definitely heard me talking about. I love him. His humor will lighten every dark moment and the comfort you feel with him is insane.

Blogger’s Note:

Blogging is hard.

Love you all ♡