How to annoy a reader

Yo, people really know how to get on my nerves. I think people who don’t read don’t understand what it’s like for these things to happen.

1 Why read the book when you can watch the movie? It takes more time to read the book and there are more details which makes it more enjoyable. I am going to use Audible as evidence of my point. It takes 116 hours and 25 minutes to listen to Harry Potter on Audible at a normal speed. It only takes 20 hours and 4 minutes to watch all of the movies. I would rather listen to the books and know all of the information and details and enjoy it.

2 Why don’t you want to come out with us? If we gave a stupid excuse, take the excuse. It’s better knowing the stupid excuse then finding out that we would rather spend time with fictional characters than real people.

3 Audiobooks don’t count as reading a book? So hold on, if I were blind and I couldn’t read with my eyeballs, listening to a book won’t count? It’s just reading a book with a different sense.

4 Why would you spend your money on books? Why do you spend your money on Fortnite skins? Again, I am a rather young person these little boys be asking me why I spend my money on books (books that can last a long time) when they spend their money on Fortnite skins (that only last as long as the game). My money. My choice.

5 Why do you like reading? It gets me lost in a world that doesn’t have annoying people in it. And if there are annoying people in it, I can drop the book and they won’t feel anything ’cause they ain’t real.

Blogger’s Note:

This is from last Sunday. I’m not sponsored but Audible, please sponsor me. Please.

Love you all ♡

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