Playlist Book Tag Pt. 2

I play my thumbs up and whatever song comes on, I put a book to. I really want to do ten books but I don’t know if I have that kind of imagination. This part will look a little different then the first one.

Might want headphones. Maybe.

1- Song: Goodbye Carlie Hanson.

YouTube Link:

Book: “Follow Me Back” -A.V. Geiger

Book Relation: “Follow Me Back” by A.V. Geiger because at the end of the book, Eric Thorn’s last tweet was telling. And Tess’ reaction to Eric was a slap in the face.

2- Song: Fire on Fire Sam Smith

YouTube Link:

Book: “It’s the Small Things” -Danielle Crone

Book Relation: I’m sorry but the only book that I thought could perfectly fit this song is my own. If you read the lyrics, “It’s the Small Things” is just a longer version of this song. It’s so good! Especially the sinners part of the chorus because the main female protagonist is Christian and she’s getting judged by certain people because she’s dating a certain person.

3- Song: Oceans Hillsong UNITED

YouTube Link:

Book: “Rachel’s Tears” -Beth Nimmo

Book Relation: I have made it a point to show that I am Christian and I believer, and “Rachel’s Tears” is the life of a Christian girl. She has a rollercoaster relationship with God, but in the end, she stands with and only with Him.

4- Song: Where’s My Love SYML

YouTube Link:

Book: “Beautiful Disaster” -Jamie McGuire

Book Relation: I tried finding another book but this entire song reminded me of the morning after the bet ended. Read the lyrics and tell me I’m wrong. I freaking dare you.

5- Song: i love you Billie Eilish

YouTube Link:

Book: “After” -Anna Todd

Book Relation: So Hardin drunkenly screams I love you to Tessa and then tells her we was just that: drunk. He wasn’t. I think it was Anna who said that Harding wouldn’t have said it unless he was drinking. I just remember seeing that. And listen to the chorus and it will all seem about “After”.

6- Song: Then Anne-Marie

YouTube Link:

Book: “Maybe Someday” -Colleen Hoover

Book Relation: So in the beginning of this book, she finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend/roommate. This song, I think, describes her feelings.

7- Song: Invisible Anna Clendening

YouTube Link:

Book: “Midnight Sun” -Trish Cook

Book Relation: The main female protagonist is literally invisible to her crush for like over a decade. Maybe even a decade and a half. Could this song be any more like this book?

8- Song: Lose You Too SHY Martin


Book: “Under the Lights” -Abbi Glines

Book Relation: Female protagonist leaves and then comes back years later. Because of this, there becomes a strain on all three relationships. Yes, three. Read the book.

9- Song: All My Friends AJ Mitchell

YouTube Link:

Book: “The Goal” -Elle Kennedy

Book Relation: The song talks about waiting for her, and he waits for her. He doesn’t press, but he tries in a good way. He’s honest, but not the annoyingly bad kind. And he is so cute with her! She’s stubborn as hell though and only gives in near the end of the book. Cute nonetheless. And the song also talks about all his friends falling in love. This book is about the last guy of four to fall in love with in the friend group.

10- Song: Over That Emily Vaughn

YouTube Link:

Book: “Best Kind of Broken” -Chelsea Fine

Book Relation: It’s been a few years or so since the big thing that happened and they finally see each other. They try to fight off the feelings but it doesn’t really work. It’s exactly alike but the base is the same.

Blogger’s Note:

Love you all ♡

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