Top Five Friday- Top Five School Subjects

! Talks about my religion and The Big Bang Theory – I am not trying to offend anyone, I am just saying my feelings !

Since I’m it’s Winter Break, we’re doing this. This is all about what I am learning currently and not at all about the people or teachers in the class.

  1. English. I love to read and write and we are doing really cool things in my class so it just makes it that much better. Argumentative essays are my favorite because I also get to debate. Y’all, my third job to have would to be a lawyer. I love arguing; especially for a cause.
  2. Theatre. You guys probably don’t know this, but acting is one of my favorite things and it’s on my bucket list to do some for an audience one day. And in my theatre class, we do a play once a year. I was two different characters in one last year (someone left the school so I got the part) and we are about to start our next one. I’m so excited!
  3. Social Science. It’s basically history class with politics and CNN. I think it’s important to know politics and right from wrong, and on top of that, I love history and learning about the past.
  4. Math. I’m naturally good at math which means I like it ’cause I get good grades.
  5. Science. I’m a Christian. In science they teach about the Big Bang and they teach that it’s how we were all created. I don’t believe it. And I just suck at science. Like, I am horrible.

Blogger’s Note:

Guys, it was all worth it. I didn’t blog and I barely wrote anything in between today and Thanksgiving Break. I just focused on keeping my grades up and doing what I needed to to keep my grades up. I ended up with a 4.0 GPA for my semester grades! I am so proud of myself you guys. I am just so happy right now which is great since I have had a crappy past few weeks.

I am back on track and I will be posting through the Holidays except maybe on Christmas day. I don’t know yet.


Love you all ♡

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