My Favorite Books of 2019

I did the rankings by three different categories: did it entertain me, would I re-read it, and how well do I like the writing. If the numbers seem low, it’s because this is overly competitive. For the last three I did it based on love, which was so difficult.

10. The Unhoneymooners – Christina Lauren.

Ent. 6/10 R.R. 5/10 Writ. 8/10 Overall 19/30

I really like this book but it’s not something that made it high on the list. It’s an enjoyable read but so enthralling that I couldn’t put it down. I do love both the characters and the story line, I just didn’t read it at the right time.

9. SHAZAM! Vol. 1 – Geoff Johns

Ent. 10/10 R.R. 4/10 Writ. 6/10 Overall 20/30

I loved this movie, therefore I read the comic and this is my favorite comic/graphic novel (I don’t know what category this goes under) by far. It’s so good but my romances just take me away differently than action.

8. After the Game – Abbi Glines

Ent. 9/10 R.R. 8/10 Writ. 6/10 Overall 23/30

This is my favorite and I love unplanned pregnancies. I don’t know why but the connection between a parent and their child is another kind of thing. I think it’s because I love my younger sister (who is way younger than me) but I didn’t really plan or want to have her. I was really excited when I found out about her, but I didn’t pray for my mother to get pregnant. I always love Brady as a person. I don’t love Abbi Glines’ writing, but I don’t mind it on audio.

7. On the Come Up – Angie Thomas

Ent. 8/10 R.R. 6/10 Writ. 10/10 Overall 24/30

I have yet to read “The Hate You Give” because I don’t really like reading hyped books, but this book was one I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. Music is my thing and her being a rising musician inspires me and makes me so happy.

6. Snow White: A Graphic Novel – Matt Phelan

Ent. 10/10 R.R. 10/10 Writ. 5/10 Overall 25/30

I love a good retelling and the addition of The Great Depression just threw me through the roof because I love History. It’s so interesting. You know I will like the book if you have those two combinations together.

5. Waiting on the Sidelines – Ginger Scott

Ent. 8/10 R.R. 9/10 Writ. 9/10 Overall 26/30

It’s Ginger Scott. Do I need to say much more? It’s a dramatic book that is amazing and I love it. It’s Ginger Scott.

4. The Deal– Elle Kennedy

Ent. 9/10 R.R. 10/10 Writ. 10/10 Overall 29/30

I tried this book didn’t like it, gave it another Audible try and fell in love. I have a few issues with the book, but all of the greatness hides it.

3. Walking Disaster – Jamie McGuire

Ent. 10/10 R.R. 10/10 Writ. 10/10 Overall 30/30

I was gonna say “Beautiful Disaster” but I read that in 2018, so I read this in 2019. I seriously can’t handle how much I love Travis. He’s my favorite book boyfriend of all time.

2. The Goal – Elle Kennedy

Ent. 10/10 R.R. 10/10 Writ. 10/10 Overall 30/30

TUCKER! Like I said, pregnancies are my favorite. How Tucker acts with his daughter makes me so happy. Tucker loves his girls.

1. Best Kind of Broken – Chelsea Fine

Ent. 10/10 R.R. 10/10 Writ. 10/10 Overall 30/30

This is the book of the year. I don’t know how to explain how much I love this book. It wasn’t first on my list when I was carelessly categorizing this. Once I did take into account the numbers, it was obvious that this was at the top. The sexual tension and how well Chelsea fine did it made me fall in love. She is an amazing writer who knows how to put past and present together in a beautiful way. She is an amazing writer and I know that is the main reason this book is my favorite this year.

Blogger’s Note:

This is really long. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year folks.

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I love you all ♡

Playlist Book Tag Pt. 2

I play my thumbs up and whatever song comes on, I put a book to. I really want to do ten books but I don’t know if I have that kind of imagination. This part will look a little different then the first one.

Might want headphones. Maybe.

1- Song: Goodbye Carlie Hanson.

YouTube Link:

Book: “Follow Me Back” -A.V. Geiger

Book Relation: “Follow Me Back” by A.V. Geiger because at the end of the book, Eric Thorn’s last tweet was telling. And Tess’ reaction to Eric was a slap in the face.

2- Song: Fire on Fire Sam Smith

YouTube Link:

Book: “It’s the Small Things” -Danielle Crone

Book Relation: I’m sorry but the only book that I thought could perfectly fit this song is my own. If you read the lyrics, “It’s the Small Things” is just a longer version of this song. It’s so good! Especially the sinners part of the chorus because the main female protagonist is Christian and she’s getting judged by certain people because she’s dating a certain person.

3- Song: Oceans Hillsong UNITED

YouTube Link:

Book: “Rachel’s Tears” -Beth Nimmo

Book Relation: I have made it a point to show that I am Christian and I believer, and “Rachel’s Tears” is the life of a Christian girl. She has a rollercoaster relationship with God, but in the end, she stands with and only with Him.

4- Song: Where’s My Love SYML

YouTube Link:

Book: “Beautiful Disaster” -Jamie McGuire

Book Relation: I tried finding another book but this entire song reminded me of the morning after the bet ended. Read the lyrics and tell me I’m wrong. I freaking dare you.

5- Song: i love you Billie Eilish

YouTube Link:

Book: “After” -Anna Todd

Book Relation: So Hardin drunkenly screams I love you to Tessa and then tells her we was just that: drunk. He wasn’t. I think it was Anna who said that Harding wouldn’t have said it unless he was drinking. I just remember seeing that. And listen to the chorus and it will all seem about “After”.

6- Song: Then Anne-Marie

YouTube Link:

Book: “Maybe Someday” -Colleen Hoover

Book Relation: So in the beginning of this book, she finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend/roommate. This song, I think, describes her feelings.

7- Song: Invisible Anna Clendening

YouTube Link:

Book: “Midnight Sun” -Trish Cook

Book Relation: The main female protagonist is literally invisible to her crush for like over a decade. Maybe even a decade and a half. Could this song be any more like this book?

8- Song: Lose You Too SHY Martin


Book: “Under the Lights” -Abbi Glines

Book Relation: Female protagonist leaves and then comes back years later. Because of this, there becomes a strain on all three relationships. Yes, three. Read the book.

9- Song: All My Friends AJ Mitchell

YouTube Link:

Book: “The Goal” -Elle Kennedy

Book Relation: The song talks about waiting for her, and he waits for her. He doesn’t press, but he tries in a good way. He’s honest, but not the annoyingly bad kind. And he is so cute with her! She’s stubborn as hell though and only gives in near the end of the book. Cute nonetheless. And the song also talks about all his friends falling in love. This book is about the last guy of four to fall in love with in the friend group.

10- Song: Over That Emily Vaughn

YouTube Link:

Book: “Best Kind of Broken” -Chelsea Fine

Book Relation: It’s been a few years or so since the big thing that happened and they finally see each other. They try to fight off the feelings but it doesn’t really work. It’s exactly alike but the base is the same.

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Love you all ♡

Top Five Friday- Top Five School Subjects

! Talks about my religion and The Big Bang Theory – I am not trying to offend anyone, I am just saying my feelings !

Since I’m it’s Winter Break, we’re doing this. This is all about what I am learning currently and not at all about the people or teachers in the class.

  1. English. I love to read and write and we are doing really cool things in my class so it just makes it that much better. Argumentative essays are my favorite because I also get to debate. Y’all, my third job to have would to be a lawyer. I love arguing; especially for a cause.
  2. Theatre. You guys probably don’t know this, but acting is one of my favorite things and it’s on my bucket list to do some for an audience one day. And in my theatre class, we do a play once a year. I was two different characters in one last year (someone left the school so I got the part) and we are about to start our next one. I’m so excited!
  3. Social Science. It’s basically history class with politics and CNN. I think it’s important to know politics and right from wrong, and on top of that, I love history and learning about the past.
  4. Math. I’m naturally good at math which means I like it ’cause I get good grades.
  5. Science. I’m a Christian. In science they teach about the Big Bang and they teach that it’s how we were all created. I don’t believe it. And I just suck at science. Like, I am horrible.

Blogger’s Note:

Guys, it was all worth it. I didn’t blog and I barely wrote anything in between today and Thanksgiving Break. I just focused on keeping my grades up and doing what I needed to to keep my grades up. I ended up with a 4.0 GPA for my semester grades! I am so proud of myself you guys. I am just so happy right now which is great since I have had a crappy past few weeks.

I am back on track and I will be posting through the Holidays except maybe on Christmas day. I don’t know yet.


Love you all ♡

Cute Bookish Holiday Ideas

So since the holidays are rolling around the corner, I thought it would be a cute idea to give some ideas for your bookish friends. I really want to do this for my friends because they love books just as much as me.

1) The first one is one that I saw on Instagram is what inspired me to do this post. I thought the post was one thing when it was another, but it’s still a cute idea.

Steps: What you do is wrap 25 holiday and seasonal books with wrapping paper and place on a shelf or wherever you put books. And then you choose one of those books to read on the first of December and every time you finish a book, you pick up another wrapped book. Make sure they are all the same wrapping paper so you have no clue which book is which book is which. Size can’t really be changed, so… We’ll just have to deal.

2) A gift exchange is something so easy but so fun. I have a lot of friends who love to read so what you guys could do is exchange books and love each other’s favorites.

Steps: You go buy a book. Your friends go buy books. Each of you have to wrap it. Meet up and play a game of white elephant or a circle switch thing. How ever you would like to exchange the books. White elephant seems like the funnest and easiest.

This is what it should look like.
If you don’t brown or green books,
just use wrapping paper.

3) For decor, you can pile books to make a tree.

Steps: Get some big books and some small books. Take two books of the same height and wrap them in plain brown wrapping paper. This will be the trunk of the tree. Next, stack the books by biggest to smallest; wrapping them with green wrapping paper. Decreasing the width and height as the tree goes up is the prettiest in my opinion, but as long as the height of each book decreases, it works. If you have no clue about what I am talking about, just look at a post right there because it summarizes what I basically mean. Except without the wrapping paper.

4) If you don’t use a book, make a snowman out of them. It is decor and it just means that you don’t have to torment yourself by reading the book again.

Steps: Cut out the shape of a snowman using a book and put it on a solid platform sort of thing; wood, cardboard, etc. Decorate it as you please. If you would like to have it have a scarf, use ribbon.

Blogger’s Note:

Hi. Are you studying for finals yet ’cause I am. I’ve been writing my book recently so it will probably be up soon. Like I said in one of my previous post, my book and blog is second to school. If I have time, I will post or write, if I don’t then I won’t.

Love you all ♡