Book 47: Making a Play

By: Abbi Glines


The Field Party #5

Plot (Goodreads Summary):

Ryker Lee is finally enjoying his senior year—he has great friends, hangs out with hot girls, and is on track to get a football scholarship that will set him up for college. Despite this, a small part of him wonders if there’s more to life than parties and meaningless hookups—and if football even means as much to him as it does to his fellow teammates. And when he meets the new girl at school, his world totally changes… Aurora McClay is new to Lawton. She’s grateful that her twin brother, Hunter, is star of the football team and can help her adjust to her new school, but she’s not grateful at how overprotective he is over every person she meets. Just because she is deaf does not mean people have to treat her differently. When she meets Ryker Lee, the two of them spark an instant and intense chemistry, one that proves to be controversial not only because of Ryker’s reputation as a player, but also because of Aurora and Hunter’s father’s bigoted views about who Aurora can and can’t date. Aurora and Ryker know in their hearts that they are meant for each other. But can their relationship endure the turmoil of rumors and prejudice? 


Okay. I have been waiting for this book. This book actually got me into ASL. I have been learning it since I start reading this book. I wanted to stop reading it for the pure fact that I could stay into it. When I read something, I want to do what they do. I paused my reading for only a brief moment. I finished soon after and I’m still into ASL, so that’s good.

This is one of my favorite books in the series except for the ending. I hate that they couldn’t communicate and that caused a ripple in their relationship. I also hated that she got the hearing thing that I don’t remember the name of. I was loving that she was strong and independent and her father couldn’t change that. She was a rebel in the best way possible.

That’s one of my favorite things about the book. The fact that she would fight for what she wants if she wanted it. Ryker is one of my favorites. He’s just so good!

I felt so bad for Aurora at the end. Not in the way you would think though. I feel bad because she had to go to California. I lived there for 95% of my life and regret most of it. You shouldn’t get me started on California though so I’m just gonna end that before it gets started.

Blogger’s Note:

My books been doing really well since I started it. I have been posting about a chapter a day but that might shorten when school starts and midterms begin. It also might only shorten a little when Thanksgiving begins tomorrow because I have family coming in from the dreaded state of California and I want to spend as much with them as I can before they leave.

Posting for my blog will stay the same and I just wanted to let you guys know, Friday posts are only sometimes. If I have time for it or an idea, then I will, but other than that, I don’t.

I also wanted to let you guys know that for me, school comes first so if I don’t post during midterms at all or in finals week, it’s because this is a hobby of mine and it’s on the back burner. I watched one of Lovely Like Laura’s recent videos and she talked about this so I thought I should too. We basically said the same thing. But I will try my best to post.

Unedited because I’m lazy and I want to write my book.

Love you all ♡

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