My new book??

Okay, so I am writing something that I have been terrified to write but I am so excited to. This book is called “It’s the Small Things” and I got this name from a song I wrote and if you take it I will sue because this is my favorite song that I wrote and a bunch of people I sang it for love it. So no steals.

This book will be linked so don’t you worry. But here’s the summary if you want to see if you want to read it.

It is so hard to feel something that you don’t want to.  It is so hard to want to be around someone that you can’t. Goodness, Tucker Andrews makes it so hard for me. I have someone. I have my boyfriend, Daniel, who is still living in my hometown of Lawton, Alabama. If he would’ve came to Mifflin University with me, who knows if I would’ve still fallen for Tucker. Fallen for his Southern accent, that is way stronger than mine. Fallen for his humor that I don’t get but I still laugh at. Would I have fallen? It’s too late now; I’ve fallen for the bad boy.

So the main character, Jane, is an innocent little bean. A pure child of God. Which makes sense because she is Christian. It really only mentions it once throughout the book but you can see it because she doesn’t curse, drink, smoke, none of that.

This book is based in college and Jane is a Freshman while Tucker is a Sophomore. They meet in the first chapter and she doesn’t really like him but he… he… This is a love story, we all know that he already loves her.

I made this book because I watched The Choice. This movie is an adaptation of one of Nicholas Sparks’ books. I think this is his one book where they are actually happy in the end. So I watched this and it reminded me about “Beautiful Disaster”. I suddenly got an urge to write this, and I have been wanting to do this but I was a whimp, so I’m doing it now.

The reason why I’m not continuing “Broken Borders” is because that book actually sucks. I love “After” but it’s not really my thing. That book was doing what I didn’t want, so the moment someone told me that, I took that reason to stop.

But this book is going to be amazing so I won’t stop. I read the first chapter to my friend last night and she just about died because it was so good. Y’all need to read it. I mean, I fangirled over it.

Fun fact: all of the titles of the chapters are small things that mean a lot to Jane; they are things she loves that Tucker does.

It’s a great book in my opinion. But you guys should check it out and give me your opinion.

I don’t really want to give too much away, so I leave you here with this.

Blogger’s Note:

I’m posting all three posts that I missed.

Love you all ♡

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