My Book Slump Reasons

Okay so this will be a talking post where I just talk to you guys. It’s kind of like a stupid storytime.

The thing is, I read in phases so I will be reading so much and no one can make me stop. And then there are phases where reading seems so weird and I don’t ever want to pick up a book. The last phase is where I don’t have anything to read but I want to and I just have nothing.

I am currently in the third phase. I want to read but all of the books are so basic. I am in a YA thing so I don’t want to read any NA or A books. I don’t know what’s good though. All I want is a book that is something other than boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl break up, boy and girl get back together. That’s why I really like “The Chase” by Elle Kennedy since they never break up and they talk through their problems.

I have recently been on an Abbi Glines binge, but I finished the “The Field Party” series and I don’t really want to read the “Sea Breeze” series.

I don’t know what else to read so please send YA recommendations. If I don’t want to read it, don’t think that I don’t like the book; I just might not want to read it at the moment.

This entire post is like a Blogger’s Note so I won’t add one.

No editing because I’m lazy.

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