Let’s talk about my week…

Let’s just jump right in.

This has been the most freaking stressful week of my school year. I kid you not, I have had two panic attacks in two weeks, all about homework and school and freaking life. The fact that I have to do life while also spending my entire day doing school is insane and that doesn’t work.

Me and my friend were doing the math on how many hours it takes for us to do a full day of work without even relaxing. I have all the math. I think I explained that really weirdly. So we counted the how many hours it took to make a full day for us; how many hours it took to do everything we had to. We found the average hours it to make a full day for us and we got 28 hours. A full day for me and her is 28 hours which is 4 hours more than a regular day.

Every time I had to blog, I had to do homework.

On Tuesday, I did homework from 5:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.. I woke up at really early that morning and fell asleep at 12:00 a.m. the night before.

On Wednesday, I got home at 4:00 p.m. and tried to wake myself up but I ended up falling asleep at 4:30 and woke up at 9:00 p.m.. I still had to do homework. Guess what time I fell asleep? 11:30 p.m..

On Thursday I did not have any homework. So I thought. Therefore I just relaxed. I went to bed at a regular time.

On Friday, I had homework that I forgot about but whatever because it wasn’t a big deal. And then I realized that I had a big reading essay that was that night. That may not look like a big deal, but I didn’t even start it and I had to clean a lot because the grandpa I have not seen for years was coming to visit. I swear I have only seen him like twice in my entire life. I ended up finishing it and it was really crappy but whatever.

On Saturday, I woke up at non and got a full 13 hours of sleep because I was so sleep deprived.

Oh, and I had a panic attack and mental breakdown on two of those nights but I forgot which. That’s why I didn’t post this week and if I don’t post during the week I will really try to post more on the weekend. Like today. If that makes any sense.

This is really long and stupid so I won’t edit it.

Love you all ♡

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