Book Boyfriends

Going from last to first.

I’ve got to admit, “Breathe” was my favorite book. I gave it for stars yet the male protagonist made it on this list. Jax Stone is the definition of a caring guy. He was always there when Sadie needed him and he left her to make her safe even if it was the wrong decision. And the grand gesture at the end of the book that was made to make girls swoon definitely worked.

“Breathe” (Sea Breeze, #1) Abbi Glines – YA

Are we really surprised that another Abbi Glines boy made it on the list? I’m not. Let us dicuss West Ashby. I have a connection to him since this book was the second book that got me started. All of my friends love him too and every time I re-read a favorite book, I fall in love again and I don’t know what it is about West, but I fell in love again.

“Until Friday Night” (The Field Party, #1) Abbi Glines – YA

Cade Jenkins will always and forever be my first love. He has depth to him but on the outside he is so much fun and he can joke around. I love any guy that’s funny basically. I spent so much of my life not laughing that I need to love someone that can make me laugh.

“P.S. I Like You” Kasie West – YA

It’s Nate freaking Preeter! Of course a Ginger Scott boy would be on the list. What kind of crazy fan would I be without putting him on the list? He’s just that guy. He’s straight forward and he is so sweet and caring. And he’s slick which is major bonus points in my book since I am not.

“This is Falling” (Falling, #1) Ginger Scott – YA

Can you guys guess the best boyfriend? I bet you can because this is me we’re talking about. Fun fact, Travis Maddox is number one on the Goodreads Book Boyfriend list; this book is first by like 2,000 votes. I think any person with a brain would swoon over Travis because of how much he cares about Abby. And how many things he does to get her and keep her.

“Beautiful Disaster” (Beautiful, #1) Jamie McGuire – NA

Blogger’s Note:

Don’t mind if there are any English mistakes because I didn’t feel like editing tonight.

I hope you guys are having a great weekend and if you are out of school, have a great three day weekend. Happy Veterans Day Eve. My brother is a tech person in the Air Force and, if you are reading this, thank you so much for your service and everything you’ve been doing for this country. I miss you.

Ew. That’s too sappy for me. Why does everything that comes from the heart sound so cheesy. If you don’t believe me then read my giveaway one year mark post.

Goodnight and I hope you had a great day.

Love you all ♡

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