Book Blog Ideas:

So I was thinking, what should I post today when the idea came to me: let’s do ideas for posts.

Obviously one of them will be book blog ideas. Give ideas for posting. Basically just do what this post is doing. If your mind comes to a blank then just look up ideas on Google.

Do book reviews. They could be small or big. It’s really all about preference. If I really like the book I won’t do as long of a review as books that I don’t like because I have more to talk about and I have reasons for disliking it.

Recommendations are something I am going to be doing soon but I have to compile a lot of books before doing so. Y’all should tell me what kinds of rec topics you want. There is a very specific one I am already planning but I only have a few books to recommend.

I love book tags so much. The thing is I don’t want to overdo it so… Either way they are really fun to do and I don’t know about you but I also love reading them just as much as writing them.

Reviewing someone is so really cool. It makes you feel so professional in a weird way. All I do is just DM someone and if they respond, great, if they don’t, DM someone else.

A TBR can help you post and read. It doesn’t matter if it’s a TBR that you want to finish by the end of your life or a monthly TBR. Putting a summary with the book also helps give recommendations in a way because the blogger and the reader both haven’t read the book so it could be like a book club. If that makes any sense.

Skim over someone’s blog post to get ideas. I do this with booktubers and bloggers and it helps me come up with ideas or I come up with my own version of the post.

Blogger’s Note:

So way back when I was younger I played Minecraft. Then as I grew I thought it was dumb. But I played half an hour last night and then stopped and then I played again for like three hours after that. Oh well. I can listen to audiobooks while playing.

Giveaway is ending this Thursday so there’s about five days left to enter.

Love you all ♡

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