One Year! (and eight days) Giveaway!

I was so excited for my one year anniversary of my bookish life but when the day comes around, I completely forget. Coincidentally enough, I am eight days late which is funny because October 8th is the one year date. And oct means eight so we have three eights in this equation.

In all seriousness, I love you guys so much and I really want to thank you guys for coming on this journey with me. How the hell can something so sentimental be sound so freaking cheesy? When I say I love you all at the end of my post I mean it. You guys are amazing for actually reading this crap I call content.

Onto the giveaway because I know a lot of you are only here for that. Mind you, the giveaway does not start running until the 20th (this Sunday) at no designated time. I will be giving away a book of your choosing. Anyone can participate as long as you have Instagram and if you don’t I am so sorry but this is an Instagram based giveaway. The winner will be announced on my blog and Instagram on the Halloween (October 31st) at no designated time.

The rules are simple:

  1. Follow my blog and my Instagram (@books.for_thoughts)
  2. Comment on the Instagram post what book you want (that is under $15) and tag someone you think would like my blog/Instagram.
  3. On Instagram, add my post to your story.

That’s it. I hate when giveaways have rules like this but I honestly understand it now. Next year it will be different but funner and for certain holidays I am thinking of doing giveaways for the fun of it.

I am so excited for this and there are not many people following my Instagram so there is a pretty good chance that you will get a book of your choosing.

The giveaway starts October 20. It ends October 31.

You guys have no idea how happy I am.

Love you all β™‘

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