Things that must be in a book-

This is an opinion post! This stuff is what I look for when I am reading.

I need humor. If a book isn’t funny I will most likely not continue it. An amazing example of this is “Beautiful Disaster”. It has humor in all the best moments and that’s one of the main reasons it’s my favorite.

A smart female character. I have read books where the female protagonist is just a plain idiot. There is one specific book where she is trying to be portrayed as humble but skilled; in other words, the gifted child. I stopped reading that book. If I tried to finish it, I would probably have five brain cells right now. I also feel as though some authors try so hard to remove themselves from the old women stereotype that they overdo it. A good example of a smart female would be “The Series of Unfortunate Events”.

A good connection. I read romance and with that comes a relationship (obviously). But the thing is, some books try putting two people that they created in their mind together and it just doesn’t work. In my opinion, you have to create the people together so that they work together. I believe in zodiac signs, for the most part, so I use that to build my characters. A perfect example of a good connection is “Beautiful Disaster”. This book just knows!

An original plot. I hate when books do a plot that is so obvious. The plot that goes boy meets girl, boy and girl have a relationship, boy and girl break up, boy and girl get back together. If I don’t notice it then we’re all dandy. I hate off and on relationships so when it works out without them breaking up, that’s book goals. My favorite example of this is “The Chase” because she tries to break up with him but he’s like nope so they don’t and they just have to talk it out.

Communication is key in a relationship. I think we already established that I am a romance reader so when a couple just splits without talking it out I’m like, you have got to be freaking kidding me. In my perspective, communicating is the most essential aspect of a relationship. Example here -> “Until Friday Night”. She literally talks for him when she doesn’t like talking!

Blogger’s Note:

I gave five because that’s all I think is needed in a book. I pointed out that I want a smart female character because the old stereotype that women aren’t as good as men. Now I disagree with some femenistic aspects, but for the most part, I’m a feminist. This is my opinion so if you would like to discuss this with me you can go ahead and slide into my DMs.

I’m watching the live action version of The Lion King right now and it is fantastic. The original version is my favorite Disney movie so I had high expectations for the live action and it exceeded them all!

Hi. Hello. I’m thinking of making another blog dedicated to just my thoughts. Like random things that are in my life. It would basically be a regular blog about my life. But nothing is final.

Love you all ♡

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