Top Five Friday- Top Five Artists

  1. Halsey! I have been listening to her for a hot minute and some people have told I sound a little bit like her which has to be the biggest compliment I can get – singing wise. And her music is freaking amazing.
  2. Tate McRae! I love her so much and I stopped writing this for two minutes because she came out with a new song; and I am not surprised that it was pretty freaking fantastic.
  3. Bishop Briggs! I love all of their music and they are just so catchy. Dead Man’s Arm is like every person thinking of an ex.
  4. Sia! She always has something to listen to. If I’m feeling empowered then I listen to Bird Set Free. She has a song for every emotion.
  5. Lauren Daigle! She is a Christian artist and I’m Christian so I already connect to her music there. I love all of her music and it always has a punch to it.

Blogger’s Note:

I was just gonna work on drafts of blog posts today but then I realized it’s Friday. I have become another kind of lazy to not know the day.

You guys should tell me your top musicians because I need some more music to listen to.

I have nothing to put in this blogger’s note. There is nothing to note.

Love you all ♡

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