Top Five Friday- Top Five Colors

I don’t know so don’t ask.

  1. Green! Emerald or forest green. Emerald is the color of my birthstone and forest is pretty.
  2. Pink. I love the color baby pink and any other shade is ugly to me.
  3. Yellow. Mellow yellow is really pretty.
  4. Blue. Navy blue is pretty. I just hate that everyone likes blue because I’m not the type of person who likes what everyone else likes.
  5. White. White is nothing and everything at the same time. When in a black room you can’t see anything, but with white, there are shadows. I don’t know where I was going with that.

Blogger’s Note:

I totally forgot about this and that’s because it’s the last week of my quarter and I have so much work to do. If I don’t post on Sunday then it’s because I am doing school work. I also have an audition thingy on the 28th so I need to rehearse. I am doing a review soon with an author I am sure you are all familiar with so don’t forget to check my blog everyday.

Love you all ♡

2 thoughts on “Top Five Friday- Top Five Colors

  1. My two favorite colors are turquoise and purple. My 21-year-old brother insists that brown is the best color but I have to wonder if he’s having me on and just trying to be different. 😛 Almost every color can be aesthetically pleasing depending on the shade (except maybe brown) 😛

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