Book-to-Movie Adaptation Review #1: “Shazam! Vol. 1”

Okay so I love this movie. I love it so much and it is one of my favorites. I don’t like movies. I prefer shows because it lasts longer but this movie is something else. I thought it was so dumb from what I saw on the trailer. I don’t like reading books after seeing the movies because I think that I have been spoiled by the outcome and I just don’t care to read it as much as I probably would have. This movie/book is different though, and I read the book after watching the movie.

The only difference between the two, are the evil characters. And another small difference is the backstory to a few characters. The book didn’t add a backstory but the movie did.

I love this book. Is it called a book or is it a comic? I don’t know but I love it. The art is so detailed and everything is precise.

If you have the chance to watch it or read it, do so. The book is free on Kindle Unlimited and the movie is free to me, and maybe to some other people, for reasons I don’t know.

Blogger’s Note:

Hi. Hey. Howdy. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good night. I would say hi in every language but that would take too long. Anyways, hi. How is your Sunday so far. I missed church last night and this morning so I am sad but I’m at my Grandma’s house for football. It’s a good day. Oh, and I forgot: “Well Met” was the book that was going to come out on Labor Day; not “The Play”.

Love you all ♡

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