Top Five Friday- Top Five Publishing Houses

Hi. Okay. Obviously I love books but I also love publishing houses. Working at a publishing house seems so fun and it’s definitely a goal I have. There are specific houses I would love to work at. In order-

  1. Simon and Schuster. They have a publishing house in various locations, such as New York, London, Australia and more. But I am specifically interested in the Australian location. I am moving to Sydney for multiple reasons and the location I am moving to is 14 minutes away from the Simon and Schuster publishing house.
  2. Penguin Random House. They are the #1 publishing house for bestselling books. They are also in Sydney and nineteen minutes away from my soon-to-be location.
  3. Harper Collins. It’s ten minutes away. Ten freaking minutes! I don’t know where to work anymore.
  4. Hachette Book Group. Also has a lot of bestsellers and, you guessed it, it’s in Sydney. Though, it’s more than double the other drives.
  5. Source Books. This isn’t really a working option but I love their books. Some of my favorites are from this publisher.

Blogger’s Note:

Hey guys so I am sorry about missing my review but I had a lot of projects going on this weekend and stayed up for hours doing homework. Not a good excuse but it is one. This is the new updating schedule and I hope you like it!

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