Top Five Friday- Top Five Publishing Houses

Hi. Okay. Obviously I love books but I also love publishing houses. Working at a publishing house seems so fun and it’s definitely a goal I have. There are specific houses I would love to work at. In order-

  1. Simon and Schuster. They have a publishing house in various locations, such as New York, London, Australia and more. But I am specifically interested in the Australian location. I am moving to Sydney for multiple reasons and the location I am moving to is 14 minutes away from the Simon and Schuster publishing house.
  2. Penguin Random House. They are the #1 publishing house for bestselling books. They are also in Sydney and nineteen minutes away from my soon-to-be location.
  3. Harper Collins. It’s ten minutes away. Ten freaking minutes! I don’t know where to work anymore.
  4. Hachette Book Group. Also has a lot of bestsellers and, you guessed it, it’s in Sydney. Though, it’s more than double the other drives.
  5. Source Books. This isn’t really a working option but I love their books. Some of my favorites are from this publisher.

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Hey guys so I am sorry about missing my review but I had a lot of projects going on this weekend and stayed up for hours doing homework. Not a good excuse but it is one. This is the new updating schedule and I hope you like it!

OTP Book Tag

An Unpopular OTP that you ship. “The Heartbreakers” by Ali Novak. Cara and JJ have not been shipped and I don’t know why! Each character from the band gets their own book and JJ’s book is the fourth one. Then there’s another girl named Gabriella and they have a spark too. This is the specific reason why I don’t do love triangles.

An OTP that you didn’t ship but you do now. “Follow Me Back” by A.V. Geiger. Eric was so rude an arrogant but then Tessa changed him. It’s freaking awesome and I can’t wait to write the review for it. The character development in this book is the reason why I love it so much.

Your most hated OTP. “Kissing in Cars” by Sara Ney. I just can’t with these two. They’re both crappy so I guess they go together…?

The OTP that took way too long to get together. Any Kasi West book. It takes the entire book to get the two protagonists together.

Your favorite non-canon OTP. “Ghosts” by Raina Telgemeier. Cat and Carlos are together and everyone knows it. It never says it but it is very much implied.

Your favorite BROTP. “Off-Campus” series by Elle Kennedy. The four guys in this series are so funny and are like brothers. I laughed countless times when reading their interactions.

Your favorite OTP that you adored in the books but not so much in the film adaptation. “Five Feet Apart” by Rachael Lippincott. I hate the movie but I love the book. I don’t want to spoil a lot of why because this adaptation will be be in my new series. In the movie they couldn’t add all of the special connections that made the relationship so special.

An OTP no matter how hard you try to ship it, you just can’t. “The Problem with Forever” by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I just couldn’t get over the fact that Mallory and Rider were foster siblings. I think it’s just me but who knows.

You’re all time favorite OTP. Let’s make a list shall we (in no particular order)-

  • “The Deal” by Elle Kennedy. Hannah and Garrett are so cute and the story is amazing and I love Garrett so much!
  • “The Goal” by Elle Kennedy. Sabrina and Tucker are soulmates! I love Jamie and how Sabrina and Tucker connect with her. Tucker is probably my favorite out of the series.
  • “Best Kind of Broken” by Chelsea Fine. Pixie and Levi are so cute and the perfect mix. This duo is the ideal couple.
  • “P.S. I Like You” by Kasie West. Lily and Cade formed a relationship that any newlywed couple would envy.
  • “This is Falling” by Ginger Scott. Nate waits for Rowe and he is just the guy that every girl needs.
  • “Beautiful Disaster” by Jamie McGuire. I think we all saw this one coming.

Any reviews and/or bookish posts I mentioned are linked in my Blogger’s Note.

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Ahoy Ladies! Would you like to set sail on this ocean of flavor with me? I’ll be your captain, I’m Steve Harrington. Now that we’re done with that tidbit, how’d you guys like today’s post? I hope good. Onto the next topic, I am starting another project. Don’t worry the author interviews and adaptation series are still in the process but I just want to add another post in between the days that you are without me. The only thing that I struggle with is the photography part but we’ll get through it. My new posting days are going to Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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Book 38: The Deal

Cup is from Black Rock Cafe. It’s so cute!

By: Elle Kennedy


Plot (Goodreads Summary):

She’s about to make a deal with the college bad boy… Hannah Wells has finally found someone who turns her on. But while she might be confident in every other area of her life, she’s carting around a full set of baggage when it comes to sex and seduction. If she wants to get her crush’s attention, she’ll have to step out of her comfort zone and make him take notice… even if it means tutoring the annoying, childish, cocky captain of the hockey team in exchange for a pretend date. …and it’s going to be oh so good. All Garrett Graham has ever wanted is to play professional hockey after graduation, but his plummeting GPA is threatening everything he’s worked so hard for. If helping a sarcastic brunette make another guy jealous will help him secure his position on the team, he’s all for it. But when one unexpected kiss leads to the wildest sex of both their lives, it doesn’t take long for Garrett to realize that pretend isn’t going to cut it. Now he just has to convince Hannah that the man she wants looks a lot like him.


Hi. Okay. I don’t know how to handle this. This series has me messed up. Like messed up. The spin-off series is not as great but I will talk about that when I write a review about it.

Garrett is freaking hilarious. Elle Kennedy is freaking hilarious. I love Elle Kennedy. I tried reading a sample of it on Goodreads after having it recommended it to me, and I did not like it at all. It sucked. But then months later I decide to give it another go on Audible – just to see if it was me and my reading issues. It was! My brain messed me up! And it turns out that we have the same writing style. If you want to know my thoughts on that, Blogger’s Note.

Hannah. Oh Hannah. I wish I had the guts to be her. She is stubborn and uncaring but caring at the same time. I don’t know how she does it. I don’t think I have said this before but if I had multiple lives, or if I had to choose a second career, I would be a singer and/or actress. I love singing so much and I am surprisingly good at it. I don’t even know how that happened. I think I am living vicariously through her.

I was low key worried about Logan the entire book though. Like what was going to happen to him because I hate love triangles even if I know who they end up with because then I feel bad for the guy that didn’t get picked. Then came the second book and I was fine. That review is coming soon.

Trigger warning: rape.

I’m reading the spin-off now so I’ll let you know how that goes.

Blogger’s Note:

About the writing style thing, my anxiety about that situation has gone through the roof. Mainly because if I didn’t want to read this amazing book then who will read mine. Then I think about all the people who love this book series. I was recommended it so many times it’s hard to count. I’m cool now. I’m sorry but this cover makes me uncomfortable. I’m tired so I will see you all this weekend.

Love you all ♡

Popular Books I Will Never Read

  1. “Harry Potter” by J.K. Rolling. I just don’t like the story and writing style.
  2. “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. I cannot and will not get into this genre and this plot. I didn’t even like the movies.
  3. “Divergent” by Veronica Roth. Same reason I had for “The Hunger Games”.
  4. “Twilight” by Stephanie Meyer. This book series is way to over hyped and super weird. I just don’t get it. I love the author’s life story and how she got this book to be written and thought of, I just don’t like the plot at all.
  5. “The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan. It’s just not my cup of tea.
  6. Any Cassandra Clare book. I don’t like her books and I don’t like the plots and I don’t plan on reading any of her work.
  7. “The Chronicles of Narnia” by C.S. Lewis. Again, it just doesn’t appeal. I also feel like it is a bit problematic.
  8. “The Uglies” by Scott Westerfeld. I tried to read this book, I really did, but I could not get past the first ten pages. I was so confused and I am not a fan. My friends also said the same thing.
  9. “We Were Liars” by E. Lockhart. I have heard bad things about this book. And, lying is a sin!
  10. “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” by Jeff Kinney. Honestly, I think this series is stupid.
  11. “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes. I watched the movie and I did not like it. You might think that it’s a stupid reason since it was a movie but it’s my stupid reason.

Blogger’s Note:

I really couldn’t care less about hurting your feelings through this post because it’s my opinion and you shouldn’t be butt hurt about it. I hope you guys have a great life and I will see you on Wednesday.

Love you all ♡

Book 37: Sisters

By: Raina Telgmeier


Plot (Goodreads Summary):

Three weeks. Two sisters. One car. A True Story. Raina can’t wait to be a big sister. But once Amara is born, things aren’t quite how she expected them to be. Amara is cute, but she’s also a cranky, grouchy baby, and mostly prefers to play by herself. Their relationship doesn’t improve much over the years, but when a baby brother enters the picture and later, when something doesn’t seem right between their parents, they realize they must figure out how to get along. They are sisters, after all. Raina uses her signature humor and charm in both present-day narrative and perfectly placed flashbacks to tell the story of her relationship with her sister, which unfolds during the course of a road trip from their home in San Francisco to a family reunion in Colorado. 


I like Raina and her graphic novels because she is the author of “Smile”, my first ever book and graphic novel. My sister let me borrow it and I loved it. I still do. Though this book didn’t really speak to me as that one did. I didn’t understand the ending and if it is part of series. What is going to happen with her parents? Where is that going? I know that this is a true story but I didn’t any closure. Either way it was a great book and I definitely recommend it.

The actual graphic part of this novel is amazing. I love the art and it was simple but beautiful.

“Ghosts” is another book she wrote and I read that today right before reading “Sisters”.

My favorite part of this book is how I can relate to it. I have a sister, too. The entire relationship between these two girls/sisters is the exact relationship I have with my sister. Except for the fact that instead being six years apart, we are 13 months.

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Hey dudes! School has become routine now and I don’t like it. I usually have news for this note but I don’t.

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Favorites Book Tag

I came up with this idea so I don’t really know if this is a real book tag. If it is, oh well.

  1. Favorite book of all time. I have two for this because I really don’t know which to choose. “Beautiful Disaster” by Jamie McGuire and/or “This is Falling” by Ginger Scott. These are both amazing roller coasters. If you haven’t heard me recommend them yet then you should look at my past posts because I mention them a lot.
  2. Favorite female protagonist. Damn. This one is hard but it has to be Emma from “Behind Rebel Lines” she reminds me so much of Mulan (my personal favorite Disney princess) and they are both so strong for fighting for their family and what they believe in; even if that means breaking the rules.
  3. Favorite male protagonist. Travis from “Beautiful Disaster”. I’m sorry. Not really. But I did try to find someone else but no one was worthy.
  4. Favorite book-to-movie adaptation. “Shazam Vol 1” is just so freaking awesome. Like, it so funny and I love Freddy.
  5. Favorite series of all time. “After” by Anna Todd or “A Series of Unfortunate Events” by Lemony Snicket. “After” ’cause I loved how the story consumed me and “A Series of Unfortunate Events” ’cause it’s just an amazing plot.
  6. Favorite companion novel series. “Off-Campus” series by Elle Kennedy contains four books and at this moment I am on the fourth. I am about to finish this series in a week and at first I didn’t like it but then a month later I decided to give it another go and here we are.
  7. Favorite hate-to-love book/series. “The Unhoneymooners” by Christina Lauren. The story line itself is great but then you add the plot twists and relationships and it just becomes twenty times better.
  8. Favorite tea spilling book. “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank. This book is all of the diary of a girl during the Holocaust. It just shows what it was like to be in World War II and I just feel like this is book has created the biggest kettle of tea in the world.
  9. Favorite secondary character. Freddy! This amazing dude is from, “Shazam! Vol 1”. He is so freaking hilarious. I just can’t with him and his humor. He is the class clown of the freaking century.
  10. Favorite author. I got a few: Ginger Scott, Jamie McGuire, Elle Kennedy, Chelsea Fine, Jane Austen, Kasie West, and more that I can’t think of.
  11. Favorite book of the year, so far. “The Deal” is apart of the “Off-Campus” series and I swear, I just- I don’t know.
  12. Favorite genre. Romance if you couldn’t get the hint.
  13. Favorite trope in favorite genre. Hate-to-love is my favorite ever. I usually favorite those. “The Deal” being one of them.
  14. Favorite book meme. At the bottom. I freaking love The Sixth Sense references.
  15. Favorite bookstagramer/book blogger/booktuber. Bookstagramers: @themrsbookclub @agirlwhoadoresbooks @breeze_books @germanbookmarks @allthingsbooks_sf @corruptbysmut and way, way more (go check out my Instagram: @books.for_thoughts and look at who I am following). Book bloggers: The Bibliophagist, Head Over Books (a book blogger and bookstagramer), The Bookish Sweet Tooth, Reading With Daniella, The Book Bachelor, and more, again. Booktubers: Lovely Like Laura, Paperback Dreams, Little Book Owl, and Riley Marie.
  16. Favorite book boyfriend. Okay, obviously I got a few of these. Travis from “Beautiful Disaster”, Nate from “This is Falling”, Tucker from “The Goal”, Cade from “P.S. I Like You”, and, you know, more.
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Favorite Meme

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We’re back book babes. Ew. That is never going to happen again so savor it. I am getting a few posts ready so you don’t have to wait a feaking week and a half to look at my posts. When I told you all about my anxiety and stress about this blog and school on my Instagram, you guys were so supportive and I really want to thank you guys. When I end my posts with that little LYA, I mean it. I am getting used to my new schedule at school and home so be prepared to see some awesome posts. This post is so long already so I won’t drag it out with this Blogger’s Note.

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Book 36: The Friend Zone

By: Abby Jimenez


Plot (Goodreads Summary):

Kristen Petersen doesn’t do drama, will fight to the death for her friends, and has no room in her life for guys who just don’t get her. She’s also keeping a big secret: facing a medically necessary procedure that will make it impossible for her to have children. Planning her best friend’s wedding is bittersweet for Kristen—especially when she meets the best man, Josh Copeland. He’s funny, sexy, never offended by her mile-wide streak of sarcasm, and always one chicken enchilada ahead of her hangry. Even her dog, Stuntman Mike, adores him. The only catch: Josh wants a big family someday. Kristen knows he’d be better off with someone else, but as their attraction grows, it’s harder and harder to keep him at arm’s length.



The first thing that comes to mind when I am reading this book is how frustrated I get when thinking about when Brandon died. I can’t believe he died and I am pretty sure that is the only reason that i didn’t give this book five stars. Before you think that I don’t like this book, you would be wrong. I love it but it just made me sad.

Spoiler over.

I feel I am a mix of these two characters. Josh wants a big family and Kristen can’t. Well more less the circumstances of Kris. She wants a big family but can’t. I want a big family though I am just so scared of the million things that could go wrong with my parenting. And that is why I will probably never have a child.

Besides the sad parts, I loved the ending and their families are so cute. Josh’s sisters are awesome and they are so willing. This entire book is amazing and I specifically love their relationship in every stage.

Kris is like my favorite person ever! She is snarky and fun and she is the type of person I would be best friends with forever. And then Josh… Oh Josh is real slick and I love it. He has all of the qualities any guy should strive to have.

Blogger’s Note:

School is so freaking hard and I have another good story that is just the icing on the cake. Okay so I have eye allergies along with other problems with my body, but my eye allergy has the exact same symptoms as pink eye so that is just a joy ride. On Thursday I planned on waking up early to get ready to leave early. My mom wakes up before me so I was awake at the same time as her. My allergy is the worst in the morning and instead of not itching it I decide to itch for thirty minutes straight. Therefore, my entire eye becomes pink and my mom forces me to stay home. I did not want to because school had just started and I was going to miss work. I was real angry because I knew it would go away. This was all happening at around 6:00 to 6:30 a.m. and it went away like an hour after my mom left and school had already started and I didn’t want to look like the late girl so I just didn’t go, also because if it really was pink eye I didn’t want to get anybody infected. This is really long so I’ll just say the rest in my next post which will be up today or tomorrow.

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