My Weird Bookish Habits

I am a pretty weird reader and these are some pretty weird reading quirks. Don’t forget to comment if you do any of these things because I really don’t want to be alone.

  1. I need to read with music in the background (not when it’s an audiobook) unless it’s a classic.
  2. When I read classics I have to get the audiobook and the physical book so I can focus on the words.
  3. When I read, I mouth the words and make the facial expressions.
  4. I also do hand gestures.
  5. I always read the last sentence of the book because then it makes me want to read it more so I can now how we got there.
  6. Sometimes I read out loud if I want to bring out the theater side in me. I love acting and “preforming” a good book is a cute thing I love.
  7. In my head, the writing part of me corrects a writing style I don’t like.
  8. I can’t read fantasy books. I have to listen to the audio or it will bore me. Same with most book tropes and genres besides romance.
  9. In the margins, if a character does something dumb, I write a smartass response to them.
  10. I don’t care if I have a bookmark on me because I am really good at memorizing numbers and will just memorize the page I left off on.

Blogger’s Note:

Hey guys. How was y’all’s day? I would love to know because I am a caring blogger. I need audiobook recommendations so if you have any please comment them or give them to me in anyway shape or form. My social media is linked next to my Home button at the top. Since we are talking about social media, you guys should all follow me on Instagram @Danielle_Crone. Other then that,-

Love you all ♡

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