Books that need to be movies:

  1. Let’s start with the obvious. “Beautiful Disaster” needs to become a movie! I looked up if this was becoming a movie, and get this, in August of 2012, this was in the beginning process of being a movie. And then they dropped it. I have no idea why the Warner Bros decided not to continue, but they didn’t.
  2. “Stay Sweet” is a really cute book that would probably make an awesome Netflix movie. It’s friendship with a hint of romance.
  3. After seeing “The Hate U Give” become a movie, I expect “On the Come Up” to appear in theaters.
  4. I love not knowing stuff about the characters when I watch a movie or read a book because then I can wonder and be in suspense. “Best Kind of Broken” is perfect for that. I didn’t know the reason that they couldn’t be together until near the end.
  5. “By Your Side” should just be movie. It has all of the potential and it would be an awesome winter Netflix movie.
  6. I don’t know what Ginger Scott book to say but I think “This is Falling” would be a perfect movie. Thinking about it makes me smile.
  7. “The Unhoneymooners”! Holy crap this one would be the best. All the drama mixed with all the hate and love. How can you not want to read or watch this?
  8. “Every Last Word” would be so dramatic that it would be awesome. I mean, I was shaking with amazement when I read the last few chapters.

Blogger’s Note:

Netflix if you are reading this, make these movies. Movie people if you are reading this, make these movies. I did reviews to all of these books except two. Today is my last everyday post. I’m gonna go get in the pool now because it’s Arizona in the summer.

Love you all ♡

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