Bookish Pet Peeves

When people talk to me while I’m reading. Unless the world is ending or something is on fire, don’t talk to me when I am deep into a book.

When the main girl character is annoyingly insecure and her man tries to make her feel beautiful when everyone knows the description of the girl is gorgeous.

Love triangles suck. Mainly for me, though. I mentioned this in my “No Disclaimer Book Tag” post. I always root for the guy that is never chosen. Did you guys ever see/read “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2”? Well Lena started dating this guy after a breakup and he was amazing. He could’ve been the best boyfriend. Could’ve meaning she left him for her ex. Mmm… No. What, why?

What happened to the parents? Where’d they go? In some books it’s like they aren’t even alive. That’s one of the reasons I love Ginger Scott’s books. She includes the parents and makes them known.

Repetitive books. Like the “After” series in a few ways. They continuously fight then make up. Sometimes the arguments are for different reasons but still the same overall. Also for the “Glass Sword”. It is just constant fighting and spying. I get so bored with it all and this is a main reason I DNF a book.

A sticker and a summary. That’s a five word sad story. Who would put a sticker on the back of a book, over words that are supposed to be read? How many times this has happened to me in my school library, I can’t count.

When no one knows my favorite book. I just introduced my friends to “Beautiful Disaster” and I feel so relieved. Now I don’t have to mention it in every single post and instead I can fangirl over it with them.

Editing is a big part of books. This should be obvious that a book should be edited before selling, but nope. There is a reason Google Docs and Word underline the incorrect portions of writings with different colors. And that’s only the amateur version of editing. When it comes to publishing books, it is supposed to be edited beforehand. How can people miss this step?

The author knows what’s going to happen yet they make their characters be stupid for no apparent reason. Why? I just don’t get it.

Fandoms being mistreated. The Afternators should get way more but instead we have a few photos to live off of. I’m pretty sure Anna Todd would want more for us, though I am not sure who runs the “After” accounts.

Book slumps are the worst thing ever. I am trying to get out of one right now. If you ever need to know how to get rid of one, paperbackdreams on YouTube has an amazing video on it. Her being extremely hilarious is also a bonus.

I don’t know if all of you guys have ever gone through this but I am not allowed to read at school (electronically) because I don’t have a nook or kindle or whatever term you want to use for it. My parents were so mad when I first told them this. Technology is a big part of school and if I can’t read with my phone flat on my desk, than they can’t have their computers.

Blogger’s Note:

It’s Thursday: Day 4 of pink eye. The pinkness has spread from the right eye to the left. I have to pink eyes… Okay. Last time I had pink eye, it lasted for about a week and half. I don’t know if I am aiming to beat that time or get as less time as possible… How was your day? I cleaned. Bye; see you tomorrow.

Love you all ♡

2 thoughts on “Bookish Pet Peeves

  1. I relate to some. But the first one “Don’t talk to me when I’m reading ” . This right here. What the hell is wrong with people. Don’t they know that we enter another realm when we start reading a book or is it just me? Something i just hurl stuff at people when they disturb me while i read. (They deserve it 😈)

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    1. First of all, this is hilarious. And yes! A book is a totally different world and people don’t understand how hard it is to go from one world to another. Also, if hurling stuff at people didn’t get me in trouble, I would most definitely do it. Except for the book. I wouldn’t throw the book.

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