No Disclaimer Book Tag

Don’t at me. It’s no disclaimer for a reason. Don’t take any of this to offense because it’s just my opinion. It’s called an opinion for a reason.

What trope or tropes annoy you the most?

Age difference. It’s disgusting. I get that love is love but that is still disgusting and it just makes me feel uncomfortable. And love triangles are so stupid. I don’t like it because I usually want them to be with the person they don’t end up with.

What writer or writers do you feel are overhyped?

Morgan Matson. Sarah Dessen. Cassandra Clare. Rainbow Rowell.

What are your least favorite books that you’ve read since joining book blogging?

“Little White Lies”. I was supposed to finish this book but Sawyer is just so annoying (along with all the other characters, but mainly her). I hate it all but this is no place for a rant.

What terrible ending ruined an otherwise quality book?

“Forgotten” just didn’t leave me with any questions. I don’t know about you, but I like to wonder things about the book even after it ends. The author kind of summed it up and I didn’t like how they did it. It was a great plot and I would probably read it again if I knew it had a different ending.

Which fictional characters do you wish were not killed off?

Shade from “Glass Sword” shouldn’t have died. He was the only reason I had hope for this book. His power was legit and I loved his romance life. I stopped reading the series overall after that book.

What are some of your bookish pet peeves?

Romance covers. They are so ugly and uncomfortable to read sometimes. I wouldn’t read most romance books in public for their covers. And when a page rips. It makes me so sad to see a page go through that pain.

What are some books that you feel should have more recognition?

Ginger Scott books. Any of her books. I have never gotten a recommendation for her books and it really makes me sad. And Lemony Snicket. I get really excited when people own his books because I rarely see it.

What are your thoughts on censorship, and banning books?

I really think it depends on the book and it’s contents. Though, I don’t believe that it should be taken away from libraries. A library is a place where people are suppose to go to get away from reality by reading any book they please.

Who do you tag?

I don’t like tagging. Do it if you want, though.

Blogger’s Note:

I am going to start a new theme and the next time you read from my blog, there will be a new theme for the picture. I’m tired and I finished editing this at 2 a.m. so I’m gonna end this short. Night.

Love you all ♡

2 thoughts on “No Disclaimer Book Tag

  1. I don’t like fictional romantic relationships with inappropriate age differences either, statutory rape is statutory rape no matter how you try to excuse it or dress it up. I know that books that have certain kinds of smutty covers can be embarrassing to read in public, but don’t worry what other people think! 🙂 I spend too much time guilting about what I ‘should’ be reading, but just read what you enjoy and to hell with people who might judge you in public.

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