Goodwill Book Haul

So Goodwill has a pretty great library… All of them are really cheap and the prices will be listed.

1). Ready Player One -Ernest Cline $1.99

This is a book to movie adaptation and I want to do a blog a about book to movies so I need to read this and then watch the movie. It’s not really my usual genre but I am willing to give it a try.

2). Lovely Bones -Alice Sebold $1.99

The movie was utter crap. Like actual trash on screen. Therefore, I will read the book and make a proper rant review.

3). If I Stay -Gayle Forman $3.99

I watched the movie and it wasn’t have bad. I watched it was years ago so I am going to read this and then re-watch the movie. This is also apart of the book to movie adaptation post.

4). Delirium -Lauren Oliver $1.99

I saw it and thought recognized the title. It was not what I thought but it was still a book that interest me. I skimmed it and it was something about an alternate version of the U.S. and love, so pretty intriguing.

5). Girl Online -Zoe Sugg $1.99

I have been wanting to read this book for so long and I was trying to get the audiobook but couldn’t. It’s about a blogger and then I was sold but it’s also about internet love. I was amazed that it was written by Zoella and I can’t wait to read it.

6). An Abundance of Katherines -John Green $1.99

On my John Green Instagram (@books.for_thoughts) post I said that I haven’t read a lot of his work but I love all of his quotes. If I find a John Green book I will most likely buy it depending on my bank account. This was $2 and I have heard amazing things about it.

7). Our War for the World -Brendan Phibbs $1.99

This book is a memoir of life and death on the front lines of WWII. I am Jewish and German through the blood so I am really interested in WWII. My grandma has a lot of history with in that time and she has a lot of documents to go with it. I’m pretty sure this is going to help us with a lot of our research.

Blogger’s Note:

Today I went shopping. My dad broke my shorts so they bought me another pair which required going to Forever 21. After that, we went to Goodwill which had an amazing selection of books. I saw so many opportunities for rant reviews but decided to spend that $2 else where. I was gonna get at least three more books but my mom was paying and flipped when she saw that I had ten books. Therefore, I had to put some away. I don’t think she comprehends how much I will read in the summer. I hope you enjoyed this cheap haul and tell me if you want more rant reviews because I enjoy writing them, reading them, and watching them.

If y’all want some good rant reviews on YouTube, here are some good channels:

@Casey Aosno @Lovely Like Laura @Paperback Dreams (all great channels, btw)

Love you all ♡

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