Books that need to be movies:

  1. Let’s start with the obvious. “Beautiful Disaster” needs to become a movie! I looked up if this was becoming a movie, and get this, in August of 2012, this was in the beginning process of being a movie. And then they dropped it. I have no idea why the Warner Bros decided not to continue, but they didn’t.
  2. “Stay Sweet” is a really cute book that would probably make an awesome Netflix movie. It’s friendship with a hint of romance.
  3. After seeing “The Hate U Give” become a movie, I expect “On the Come Up” to appear in theaters.
  4. I love not knowing stuff about the characters when I watch a movie or read a book because then I can wonder and be in suspense. “Best Kind of Broken” is perfect for that. I didn’t know the reason that they couldn’t be together until near the end.
  5. “By Your Side” should just be movie. It has all of the potential and it would be an awesome winter Netflix movie.
  6. I don’t know what Ginger Scott book to say but I think “This is Falling” would be a perfect movie. Thinking about it makes me smile.
  7. “The Unhoneymooners”! Holy crap this one would be the best. All the drama mixed with all the hate and love. How can you not want to read or watch this?
  8. “Every Last Word” would be so dramatic that it would be awesome. I mean, I was shaking with amazement when I read the last few chapters.

Blogger’s Note:

Netflix if you are reading this, make these movies. Movie people if you are reading this, make these movies. I did reviews to all of these books except two. Today is my last everyday post. I’m gonna go get in the pool now because it’s Arizona in the summer.

Love you all ♡

The Office Book Tag

This is one of my favorite shows and it is mentioned frequently in “Broken Boarders”. In honor of January of 2021, I am doing this tag. I was recently informed that The Office is being taking off Netflix. Um, why? Idiots.

Michael Scott – the book that tried way to hard.

“Little White Lies” was just so bad. I DNF it in the middle because it was just crap. I only read the last chapter because I had to know who the father was. The main character has conveniently done everything as a child and remembers it. It was just way to simple and it made me disappointed that the author couldn’t come up with something better and more creative.

Dwight Schrute – a book that ended up being a lot more complex than you thought it would be.

“After” just through me over the edge. I knew that there was a series and that it was complicated but I thought I knew what I was getting myself into when i read the first book. I was so wrong…

Jim Halpert – YOU in a book. Book/character that you related to a ton.

“Out of His League”. There is a reason I put it on my favorites list. It was funny and I could relate to the main character exactly. She transfers to a new school and tries to change her persona. I did the exact same thing in seventh grade when I moved states.

Pam Beesly – seriously underrated but amazing book you wish everyone would read!

“This is Falling”. From what I have seen, this book has not gotten a lot attention. I love this book so much and it sad that it isn’t promoted as much as it deserves to be.

Ryan Howard – THE INTERN. Debut novel that impressed you.

I haven’t read a debut books yet. Unless the plot really interests me, I don’t really read them. But if it is on my TBR I will most definitely read it.

Andy Bernard – ANNOYING book/character that you can’t help but love (or not).

“After”. I hate Tessa so much but I love her at the same time. It took me six months to finally contain myself and start loving it.

Robert California – Book/character/plot that went over your head or was really confusing.

“A Summer Like No Other” was a mess.

Angela Martin – Book with a plot that didn’t appeal to you at first but you ended up loving!

“The Best Kind of Broken” is an audiobook that I found on YouTube and I was desperate to read something so I decided this book was good enough. I love this book so much.

Kelly Kapoor – Favorite sassy character.

“On the Come Up” has Bri and that’s all I need to say. Just listen to her raps.

Kevin Malone – Book that features music.

In “P.S. I Like You” writing songs is a good portion of the book. I personally love music and listen to it whenever I can. I also write songs and I have a guitar. Reading about Lily and the journey it took to create the song made me feel happy.

Phyllis Lapin – Book that made you feel warm and fuzzy.

“P.S. I Like You”. Might as well just copy and paste my last answer.

Oscar Martinez – Book that has an awesome LGBT character that defies stereotypes.

“The Wrong Bachelor”. He is so freaking hilarious and I would’ve loved to see more of this secondary character.

Stanley Hudson – Character/book that did not give a fuck.

“Shuffle, Repeat” has June in it and that is basically a portion of the plot. She could not care about high school and she’s just waiting for the next portion of life.

Meredith Palmer – Book you couldn’t stomach (too graphic/violent/romantic/vulgar – or whatever your reason!)

I don’t really have one. I have books that just genuinely sucked, otherwise no.

Creed Bratton – Book/series that only ever made you ask more questions.

“The Series of Unfortunate Events” takes place in a totally different world and I just have so many questions about it.

Blogger’s Note:

I’m listening to NF and you need to do the same. I have listened to him for about four and a half years, gone to one of his concerts, and I have to say that he has never disappointed. I will probably cry in January of 2021, so if you know me in person, don’t get freaked out. If you can’t wait for tomorrow, linked below are all of the books I mentioned. Shameless self promo…

Love you all ♡

Bookish Pet Peeves

When people talk to me while I’m reading. Unless the world is ending or something is on fire, don’t talk to me when I am deep into a book.

When the main girl character is annoyingly insecure and her man tries to make her feel beautiful when everyone knows the description of the girl is gorgeous.

Love triangles suck. Mainly for me, though. I mentioned this in my “No Disclaimer Book Tag” post. I always root for the guy that is never chosen. Did you guys ever see/read “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2”? Well Lena started dating this guy after a breakup and he was amazing. He could’ve been the best boyfriend. Could’ve meaning she left him for her ex. Mmm… No. What, why?

What happened to the parents? Where’d they go? In some books it’s like they aren’t even alive. That’s one of the reasons I love Ginger Scott’s books. She includes the parents and makes them known.

Repetitive books. Like the “After” series in a few ways. They continuously fight then make up. Sometimes the arguments are for different reasons but still the same overall. Also for the “Glass Sword”. It is just constant fighting and spying. I get so bored with it all and this is a main reason I DNF a book.

A sticker and a summary. That’s a five word sad story. Who would put a sticker on the back of a book, over words that are supposed to be read? How many times this has happened to me in my school library, I can’t count.

When no one knows my favorite book. I just introduced my friends to “Beautiful Disaster” and I feel so relieved. Now I don’t have to mention it in every single post and instead I can fangirl over it with them.

Editing is a big part of books. This should be obvious that a book should be edited before selling, but nope. There is a reason Google Docs and Word underline the incorrect portions of writings with different colors. And that’s only the amateur version of editing. When it comes to publishing books, it is supposed to be edited beforehand. How can people miss this step?

The author knows what’s going to happen yet they make their characters be stupid for no apparent reason. Why? I just don’t get it.

Fandoms being mistreated. The Afternators should get way more but instead we have a few photos to live off of. I’m pretty sure Anna Todd would want more for us, though I am not sure who runs the “After” accounts.

Book slumps are the worst thing ever. I am trying to get out of one right now. If you ever need to know how to get rid of one, paperbackdreams on YouTube has an amazing video on it. Her being extremely hilarious is also a bonus.

I don’t know if all of you guys have ever gone through this but I am not allowed to read at school (electronically) because I don’t have a nook or kindle or whatever term you want to use for it. My parents were so mad when I first told them this. Technology is a big part of school and if I can’t read with my phone flat on my desk, than they can’t have their computers.

Blogger’s Note:

It’s Thursday: Day 4 of pink eye. The pinkness has spread from the right eye to the left. I have to pink eyes… Okay. Last time I had pink eye, it lasted for about a week and half. I don’t know if I am aiming to beat that time or get as less time as possible… How was your day? I cleaned. Bye; see you tomorrow.

Love you all ♡

Book 33: On the Come Up

By: Angie Thomas


Plot (Goodreads Summary):

Sixteen-year-old Bri wants to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. Or at least make it out of her neighborhood one day. As the daughter of an underground rap legend who died before he hit big, Bri’s got big shoes to fill. But now that her mom has unexpectedly lost her job, food banks and shutoff notices are as much a part of Bri’s life as beats and rhymes. With bills piling up and homelessness staring her family down, Bri no longer just wants to make it—she has to make it.


Everyone knows “The Hate U Give”. People who don’t read know this book. I was interested in it but it wasn’t at the top of my list. “On the Come Up” however, this book was at the top of my list. Me, being the BookTube obsessed person I am, watched an wrap-up video. “On the Come Up” being one. I was told that there was a cute, small romance. That got me sold. Then I was told that if you get the audio version, Bahni Turpin raps to you when telling the story. That was a big bonus.

The rap: Angie Thomas presents these in such a way where I was ready to put them on my playlist. Every one of her songs were amazing and I go back in the audio so I can listen. I love all of the raps, but I specifically love the last Ring freestyle. It has everything I wanted to hear and it came from the heart while also not sounding cheesy.

I was telling to my mom about this book and I was talking to her about their living situation. In the beginning we are told that there is no gas for the house. My mom could relate. That hurt to hear. But Bri striving for something and reaching it really hit home. Bri is a junior and I am also rather young so Angie Thomas is a really big inspiration to me. I would love to reach my goals and Angie Thomas really made me believe I can.

And for the romance. Holy crap I was surprised. I thought she was going to end up with Malik but nope. I liked Curtis the moment he called Bri “princess”. She is by the way. She’s also a queen. This surprised me and Angie Thomas wrote it all out in an amazing way.

Blogger’s Note:

Second post of the day and it’s not even ten. I’m proud of me. I know this rather short but I am trying to cut back on my pages of thoughts. Unless it’s a rant review; which one will be coming soon. I mentioned this audiobook in my latest post: Top Five Audible Recs. I don’t really have a lot to say because I said almost everything in my last post. Go check it out because I have a lot of big and exciting news. Oh, and don’t call them dreams. Call them goals. A dream is something that you wake up from and isn’t a reality; it’s a fantasy that will most likely never happen. A goal is something you have to be determined to reach and is a possibility.

Love you all ♡

Top Five Audible Recs

Audible is an app where you can listen to books. I am not a fast reader, at all. I have so many books on Audible and the membership is really cheap. All of these books have incredible performances and that’s why they’re on this list.

  1. “On the Come Up” by Angie Thomas is at the top. If you get this on Audible, you can hear Bri rap. Angie Thomas is an amazing writer and definitely deserves all the hype. I haven’t read “The Hate U Give” yet and I most certainly will after reading this. Review will be out later today.
  2. “Beautiful Disaster” by Jamie McGuire. I have this book in paperback and audio form. I love this book and so do my friends. We are all obsessed and if you don’t want to pay money for this book ’cause it is rather expensive, then get it on Audible.
  3. On my favorites list is “Out of His League”. Being the student I am, I have no money. I already did a blog post on ways to read books without having to pay for it and this is one way I got this book. I love it and it is really short so it won’t take up too much time.
  4. Every Ginger Scott book. Literally every one of her books that I have read is amazing. Specifically “This is Falling” for an audio.
  5. “The Unhoneymooners” by Christina Lauren is my first Christina Lauren book. Cynthia Farrell presented the story so well and made me laugh more times than I can count. I reviewed this if you want to know what it’s about and my thoughts on it.

Blogger’s Note:

How was my week you may ask? I have pink eye and there has been some family stuff I am not particularly fond of. But I will make it up to you because I feel bad. Today I will be posting this and a review. I will also be posting everyday for the rest of the week. This post was hard to do because I don’t know what qualifies as a good audiobook. I hope you guys still liked this post and I reviewed all of these books already so they will be linked. Except for “On the Come Up” which will be reviewed later today. Comment what kind of posts you want this week ’cause I only have the slightest idea for one post.

Love you all ♡

Book 32: Wild Reckless

By: Ginger Scott


Plot (Goodreads Summary):

Kensington Worth had a vision for her senior year. It involved her best friends, her posh private school in downtown Chicago and time alone with her piano until her audition was perfected, a guaranteed ticket into the best music programs in the world. Instead, a nightmare took over. It didn’t happen all at once, but her life unraveled quickly—a tiny thread that evil somehow kept pulling until everything precious was taken from her. She was suddenly living miles away from her old life, trapped in an existence she didn’t choose—one determined to destroy her from the inside, leaving only hate and anger behind. It didn’t help that her neighbor, the one whose eyes held danger, was enjoying every second of her fall. Owen Harper was trouble, his heart wild and his past the kind that’s spoken about in whispers. And somehow, his path was always intertwined with Kensington’s, every interaction crushing her, ruining her hope for any future better than her now. Sometimes, though, what everyone warns is trouble, is exactly what the heart needs. Owen Harper was consumed with darkness, and it held onto his soul for years. When Kensington looked at him, she saw a boy who’d gotten good at taking others down when they threatened his carefully balanced life. But the more she looked, the more she saw other things too—good things…things to admire. Things…to love. Things that made her want to be reckless. And those things…they were the scariest of all.


You guys are probably sick of Ginger Scott reviews, but I’m not. She has 18 books and I have only reviewed 5, this being my sixth, so don’t get annoyed just yet. Before I started writing this review, I triple checked to see if I already did a review on this book. I clearly have not and that amazes me because this book is a lot.

First off, this book is wow. Both Kensington and Owen’s lives have a lot going on.

Kensington’s life. Let’s just overview her it real quick. Kensington’s father cheated on her mother with Kensington’s best friend. Right here we are dealt with a douchebag father. But the douchebag-ness doesn’t stop, it continues. Owen being the a protective boyfriend, starts to fight Kensington’s father. Which isn’t Owen’s fault at all. Seriously, who fights their only daughter’s boyfriend? We also get a dress and a half-assed letter from Kensington’s mistress ex-friend. I don’t even know how to address that…

Now time for Owen. Oh, Owen. His father committed suicide and I don’t know how to put this, but he needed therapeutic help…? I think. Don’t hold me to that because I am definitely not a specialist. That was when Owen was about six. Traumatizing, I know. Now he is sixteen or seventeen and has met Kensington. His older brother is an addict and his younger brother is a sweet, smart kid. His mother is struggling to make end meet which affects the book by a whole lot. And his grandpa is in a home. Editing this makes me so sad.

Plot twist: Owen has to move to Iowa to work for his uncle and send money to his mom. He finds this out when he is in a serious, committed relationship with Kensington. I don’t remember what he said to Kensington about the situation but I am pretty sure he said he would figure something out. Which he didn’t. Instead, he left a not saying goodbye. He left. Gone. Um. Rude. That’s some serious hot and cold stuff right there. As most romance books ends, he comes back. And not in a cheesy way. He comes back to school early to see Kensington, which is one of their things. He says Kensington kept texting ‘I love you’ to him and that’s what made him come back. Cute, also. What kind of badboy boyfriend would come back because his girlfriend sent ‘I love you’ over and over?

What sucks though, is how much gas he wasted driving to the border of Iowa and Illinois. That’s a lot of money. In all seriousness though, Owen’s brother ended up killing himself on their driveway. That caused a big rift between Owen and Kensinghton that I did not want to read. The entire experience made me devastated. To read about Owen’s brother made me really sad because I wanted him to go into rehab and get better, yet that doesn’t always happen for people who are in that deep.

Ginger Scott addresses rather serious important topics that are often not written about and she portrays it in an amazing way.

Blogger’s Note:

I procrastinated on making this. But I did it! Yay me, even though it’s midnight. I want to make a review series but it’s not the type you’d think. If I do make this series, it will be a once a month post where I review an author and get their answers. Basically a Q and A. I was originally gonna just review an author and post it, having it be another one of my weekend post. Then I came up with this idea and loved it. Tell me if you do or do not want this series in the comments. Thanks loves.

Love you all ♡

No Disclaimer Book Tag

Don’t at me. It’s no disclaimer for a reason. Don’t take any of this to offense because it’s just my opinion. It’s called an opinion for a reason.

What trope or tropes annoy you the most?

Age difference. It’s disgusting. I get that love is love but that is still disgusting and it just makes me feel uncomfortable. And love triangles are so stupid. I don’t like it because I usually want them to be with the person they don’t end up with.

What writer or writers do you feel are overhyped?

Morgan Matson. Sarah Dessen. Cassandra Clare. Rainbow Rowell.

What are your least favorite books that you’ve read since joining book blogging?

“Little White Lies”. I was supposed to finish this book but Sawyer is just so annoying (along with all the other characters, but mainly her). I hate it all but this is no place for a rant.

What terrible ending ruined an otherwise quality book?

“Forgotten” just didn’t leave me with any questions. I don’t know about you, but I like to wonder things about the book even after it ends. The author kind of summed it up and I didn’t like how they did it. It was a great plot and I would probably read it again if I knew it had a different ending.

Which fictional characters do you wish were not killed off?

Shade from “Glass Sword” shouldn’t have died. He was the only reason I had hope for this book. His power was legit and I loved his romance life. I stopped reading the series overall after that book.

What are some of your bookish pet peeves?

Romance covers. They are so ugly and uncomfortable to read sometimes. I wouldn’t read most romance books in public for their covers. And when a page rips. It makes me so sad to see a page go through that pain.

What are some books that you feel should have more recognition?

Ginger Scott books. Any of her books. I have never gotten a recommendation for her books and it really makes me sad. And Lemony Snicket. I get really excited when people own his books because I rarely see it.

What are your thoughts on censorship, and banning books?

I really think it depends on the book and it’s contents. Though, I don’t believe that it should be taken away from libraries. A library is a place where people are suppose to go to get away from reality by reading any book they please.

Who do you tag?

I don’t like tagging. Do it if you want, though.

Blogger’s Note:

I am going to start a new theme and the next time you read from my blog, there will be a new theme for the picture. I’m tired and I finished editing this at 2 a.m. so I’m gonna end this short. Night.

Love you all ♡

Book 31: Tell Me Three Things

By: Julie Buxbaum


Plot (Goodreads Summary):

Everything about Jessie is wrong. At least, that’s what it feels like during her first week of junior year at her new ultra-intimidating prep school in Los Angeles. Just when she’s thinking about hightailing it back to Chicago, she gets an email from a person calling themselves Somebody/Nobody (SN for short), offering to help her navigate the wilds of Wood Valley High School. Is it an elaborate hoax? Or can she rely on SN for some much-needed help? It’s been barely two years since her mother’s death, and because her father eloped with a woman he met online, Jessie has been forced to move across the country to live with her stepmonster and her pretentious teenage son. In a leap of faith—or an act of complete desperation—Jessie begins to rely on SN, and SN quickly becomes her lifeline and closest ally. Jessie can’t help wanting to meet SN in person. But are some mysteries better left unsolved?


I don’t know why I didn’t highlight lines in my books before, but I just didn’t. This is one of the first books I have highlighted and lets just say I had some serious theories. For instance, SN. The moment the word, Ethan, appeared on paper I highlighted it 0 along with Caleb and Liam. And I was right. Correct all the way.

I had a feeling that Liam and Caleb weren’t SN but were suspects, while Ethan was just, everything. I highlighted so many Ethan-and-Jessie-and-SN moments and I laughed at Jessica for not knowing who she was IMing. There was a good 100 pages where she thought it was Caleb and I low key almost DNF the book because it was a third of the book.

Besides that, I really admire Jessica. I give in to apologies so quick, but she just held her ground. And then she never did anything about Gem’s comments or any of that.

And then there was Gem. Let’s talk about Gem. She should be arrested just for existing. What the hell is her problem? And why in God’s nation is she all over Ethan when she’s with Liam? When talking to Jessie, her dictionary consists of: Slut, whore, fat ugly bitch. She just needs to slow down. There’s a reason Liam left her for Jessie.

Blogger’s Note:

I’ve moved reviews to Wednesday since my other posts are on Sunday. I am going to start another theme soon because it is really hard to find pink bookish stuff for my Instagram. It’s gonna be an old theme.

Love you all ♡

Summer TBR

Summer starts June 21 to September 23, but whatever. I already finished some of these, though it was in this past week.

“Bred” by Ginger Scott. I already finished this one and the review will be linked below.

“Tell Me Three Things” by Julie Buxbaum. I finished this book today and the review will be coming out this Tuesday.

“Delirium” by Lauren Oliver. I started this book today and it’s about an alternate version of the U.S. where love is a disease. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

“From Here to You” by Jamie McGuire. This is about a pregnant bride that ditches the alter the day of her wedding. Then she goes into another state and meets Trex. Also it’s by Jamie McGuire, so you have my word that I’ll read this.

“Cry Baby” by Ginger Scott. This is by Ginger Scott, so obviously I’m going to read it, but this one specifically is about a gang and the leader falling in love.

“Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. It’s just a classic and I can’t not read it.

“Girl Online” by Zoe Sugg/ Zoella. It’s about a blogger. That pretty much summarizes why I’m reading it.

“An Abundance of Katherines” by John Green. All I have to say is that it’s by John Green.

“After We Fell” by Anna Todd. This is the third book in the series and I love it and hate it at the same time. I have it on Audible so I will definitely finish it throughout the summer.

“A Five-Minute Life” by Emma Scott. It’s about love and amnesia. What?

“Boys of Brayshaw High” by Meagan Brandy. This has gotten some hype of bookstagram so I thought I would check it out. And I am going to read the second book, “Trouble at Brayshaw High”.

Blogger’s Note:

I am going to read so many more books this summer, but these ones are specifically on my list. Most of these are books I am going to be doing reviews on so stay tuned. I didn’t do a June TBR because I was going to do this and here it is.

The link wouldn’t transfer, but it’s Book 30: Bred.

Love you all ♡

Book 30: Bred

By: Ginger Scott



A coming-of-age romance inspired by Great Expectations. My life was irrevocably changed the moment I stepped foot inside Elena Alderman’s grand front doors. A lifeless tomb on the edge of Chicago’s Southside, the Alderman home sat in one of the city’s oldest and wealthiest neighborhoods, and Elena Alderman was the queen. She was also mad. Not the kind of madness that’s readily apparent. No, her psychopathy was far more surgical—more…insidious. She was surrounded by beautiful things—most notably her grand piano and her adopted son, Henry. I fell in love with both. My gift blossomed when my fingers touched her black and white keys. But my life began when I became haunted by the boy. Henry Alderman was a handsome blend of arrogance and seduction, and as we grew up together, I found it more and more impossible to separate him from my thoughts. I envied his life. I imagined how my name—Lily—would look with his. I became his closest friend…and more. I gave him my kiss, locked away his secrets, and loved him even when it was hard to. But we were just a game. Elena Alderman made the rules. And when she decided to change them, she broke everything. Almost.


I feel like the beginning of a review should describe how you overall feel about the book, but I am feeling so many emotions.

Let’s start out with my hate. Now, I don’t hate the writing or anything about what the author did, I hate the characters and their actions. Henry kind of sucks. In the end he was fine, but in certain scenes you just want to slap him. He plays with Lily’s head so much and he wasn’t there for her when they started their freshmen year. He just dropped her from some other girl. Besides that, though, what about his sixteenth birthday… What the hell Henry! If he were an actual person, I would send him to Germany, too. He got into a club, drank, and got high! And he admitted that he did know that he was smoking Molly after lying about how he didn’t know.

Now let’s go back to that Germany thing. Elena is the biggest piece of white trash I have ever seen. And not just for sending her son to Germany and then ruining his life, but for what she did even before he was born. We are told that Henry is her adopted son. Nope. Elena messed around with her sister’s husband and that is when she got pregnant with Henry. Once he was born, she put him up for adoption only to adopt him six years later. Then she tries to keep him in Germany by telling him all this information while he’s there. Excuse me, Elena, but piss off.

Lily tells him first, though, and I can understand his response. He cries on the phone but he swears that he will still call her throughout junior year. After the first few days of school, there is karaoke and Lily starts dancing and singing with Caleb (who only Lily knows is gay) when Henry (who hasn’t been calling for a few days) walks in. Henry is thinking that Lily is cheating with his best friend and this entire time I’m yelling “He’s gay! He’s gay!” And then Caleb says he’s gay, finally.

That’s when we find out that Henry is only there because Elena is sick. Thank God. Her sister, Rebecca, is replacing her kidney and gave the best evil plan I have ever read. Rebecca also found out about Henry, Elena, and her husband’s family tree. She already divorced her husband and the worst part is that she is in her forties and had a baby that she now has to raise by herself. I felt so bad for her and my hatred towards Elena grew even more. How could she do that to her sister!?

I want a rooftop like that so badly now. Lily and Henry were so cute up there and that was there place. It was where they went to. The only thought I had was if Henry took anybody else up there. I bet he took either every girl he had, or just Lily.

I was praying for a squeal, then read the standalones on the back of the book and saw that this was one of them. Still praying, though. I want Lily and Henry to have a baby so badly.

Blogger’s Note:

My computer died right when I was working on this and when I was about to post chapter 5 of “Broken Boarders”. I couldn’t find my charger for my life so I am using my sister’s. I don’t think I have mentioned “Broken Boarders” on my blog yet. I have a book on Wattpad! It is full of plot twist, that I haven’t added yet because I’m only on chapter 5. There are going to be five books in the series and I can’t wait for y’all to read them. Go check it out and by the time this is up, so will chapter 5.

P.S. I have a new theme. Used to be white and is now pink!

Love you all ♡