Playlist Book Tag

Rules: Listen to your playlist and choose a book that goes with the song. I will give a reason for my choice and you can listen to the song and agree or not.

Back to You, Louis Tomlinson ft. Bebe Rexha- “After” by Anna Todd fits this song perfectly. It talks about being addicted to drama and leaving each other but always coming back.

WHEN I WAS OLDER, Billie Eilish- “Behind Rebel Lines” bring various verses to life. It talks about being friends again and I see that as the south and north working issues out.

Not A Love Song, Bulow- This keeps repeating that she can’t do various romance actions because it’s not a love song. I think people would agree with me that this inside the mind of Abby from “Beautiful Disaster”.

Alarm, Anne-Marie- There is one specific scene in “Breathe” when Sadie hears that a famous female celebrity is there to see Jax, another male celebrity. She really likes Jax, but she backs off ’cause she remembers she’s not apart of their world.

This Feeling, The Chainsmokers ft. Kelsea Ballerini- I couldn’t find a book that fit this song except for “Wild Reckless”. People are telling her what to do like people are telling Kensington what to do. And people are telling Owen’s story instead of him telling it.

wish you were gay, Billie Eilish- I know I already did this series but “Walking Disaster” fits it perfectly. Travis loves Abby but she can’t love him back. Therefore, making him wish Abby were gay.

I Forgot, Clara Mae- “After”. Again. Only because whenever Tessa comes back to Hardin, she remembers why she left. This is basically a summary of Tessa’s mind throughout the second half of the first book.

Blogger’s Note:

I debated whether or not I should do this post because I love music but it was kind of hard to do if you can’t hear the song. Although I have wanted to do it for a while so I went for it. If you like these songs and want to know what my playlist is I listen to Clara Mae Radio Station. I have to study for my finals this week. Yay… I hope you have a more prepared finals week than me.

Love you all ♡

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