Six Ways to Read if You Can’t Afford Books

1- Go on YouTube and look up, “audiobooks”. This is how I first started reading because my family had just moved and we didn’t have the money for books. My first audiobook was, “P.S. I Like You”, and I had already read that so I then listened to, “The Distance Between Us”. Both reviews in Blogger’s Note.

2- Go to the library. If you are still in school then this will be easy. Even if you aren’t in school, I’m pretty sure there is a local library. I have always had a card to the library and I only had to spend money on gas. But you don’t even have to drive; you can bike or walk.

3- I did this for many of my books and only sometimes does this work. Look up the book name then add “pdf,”. That’s how I read “The Wrong Bachelor”.

4- This is very rare, but if you look up a book name on Google Chrome, it gives a sample and other times it gives you the entire book. I have yet to try this but this is but I have seen it and this is how I sample books I want to read before I buy them.

5- Audible will probably never sponsor me but I listen to books more than I physically read them. On Audible you get a credit each month that you can spend on a book. I am a really lucky person when it comes to books and finding ways to read them. I don’t know how or when I became an Audible but every month I get a credit and two free Audible originals. I can’t tell you how that works ’cause I don’t know myself.

6- Wattpad is an app I have mentioned many times; on my blog and on my Instagram. I love writing and reading on Wattpad and I read a couple published books on Wattpad without paying for anything.

Blogger’s Note:

I have mentioned it in a few posts that I have a bit of trouble getting books. It’s mainly because I don’t have a job; I don’t have time for that with my schedule. I do a bunch of different things and it’s hard to get into a book store let alone have the money to buy anything in it. Please go check out my Instagram because I am going to be posting something amazing that I got for my birthday. I got a typewriter and I will be doing a speed video of me typing on it. I want to type a poem but I don’t know what I want it to be about.

P.S. I Like You review:

The Distance Between Us:

The Wrong Bachelor:



Love you all ♡

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