Book 27: The Problem with Forever

By: Jennifer L. Armentrout


Plot (Author’s Summary):

Growing up, Mallory “Mouse” Dodge learned that the best way to survive was to say nothing. After she escaped her terrifying childhood and spent years being home schooled by loving adoptive parents, she is starting her senior year at a public high school. The first day, she runs into Rider Stark, the friend and protector from her childhood, and Mallory realizes that their bond never really faded. But as Rider’s life spirals out of control, Mallory faces a choice between staying silent and speaking out–for the people she loves, the life she wants and the truths that need to be heard.


I loved the book in the beginning but couldn’t relate to Mallory in the slightest because of our different lives. I gave it 3.5 stars because I couldn’t relate but it would’ve been four if I could. How I find a book is by the plot, then the characters. I loved the plot but couldn’t relate to any character besides Jayden. And then he died, so…

Let’s start off with Rider and Mallory’s past. That was a lot to take in. It said that her foster parent was in jail and was probably out by then; but he was in jail for less than a decade. That seems like a rather short time to be in jail for child abuse on several occasions and severe burns on a young girl’s body. They were also malnourished and not cared for. But that is my opinion and JLA may have thought otherwise.

Now let’s get onto Rider and Mallory’s home lives. I truly didn’t how to feel about Carl from the start. I was on the fence about my feelings toward his character. Later on in the book we learn about his brother (which I predicted) and the effects of that caused his thoughts on Rider and his family. Hate that. If you don’t like someone that you don’t know, that is ignorant and rude. They are treated a certain way because of factors they can’t change. Rosa was more understanding and I really enjoyed her as a person. Hector and Jayden were a big part in Rider’s life. They were brothers even if they weren’t the same blood. And I get that Mallory explains why Rider didn’t consider them his family or that house his home, but I still don’t get certain things in that situation. Ms. Luna is an amazing person and he takes that for granted.

Onto the unaddressed topics. Hector. What happened to him? Is he just in grieving for the rest of his life? Do Ainsely and Hector ever get together? What happened to Keira and her friends? What happened after Rider and Mallory got back together? Does he change? I need answers! That was the most frustrating part about this book; JLA doesn’t have a closing to this book. She has a cheesy ending but unless this is a series, she doesn’t tell us anything and keeps the main focus on the relationship when it should be so much more.

Rider’s art. He’s kind of sketchy with it. Pun intended. He goes around town and spray paints everywhere. He gets shy when people think it’s good and that is kind of annoying. I know JLA meant for it to be a cute perk about Rider and in some cases it is but other times, just accept the praise.

The ending was not good. What I love about reading a book is the different interpretations people get from it. But with this, she didn’t give us an option of what to think. Her ending was about Mallory’s growth and self change. A good author could show what they’re trying to do without saying it. Instead she just out right said it even though it was obvious what she was trying to do.

Although this wasn’t my favorite book, I would want a second book in Rider’s perspective. Like, what was his view on the situation cause we only got a few sentences in his thoughts.

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Love you all ♡

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