“Bred” by Ginger Scott is coming out on my birthday and my mom said that she would buy it for me that weekend. I am definitely finishing that book next week.

“After We Fell” by Anna Todd is the third book in the “After” series. These books are really long and while the first book to me a few days to read, the second took me about 5 months. I read about a chapter every few days and I did read it on Wattpad (@Danielle_Crone). It’s really hard for me to get the physical copy of a book but if I did have the physical copy of this book, I know I would finish it in less than a week. I’m almost positive I won’t finish this book this month but I will still try.

“Little White Lies” is just like “The Problem with Forever”, meaning that I will take literally forever to read this. I know it’s only 400 pages but I hate the main character. I am already a good portion into this book so this post is what’s going to drive me to finish it.

“When” is a book that I got at a book fair and I really do want to finish because it’s not a book I would ever read but I bought it and I don’t want to waste money. It’s about a girl who can see everyone’s death date. Like, what? That’s insane and I really want to see how the author plays out this story line.

I started “Wild Reckless” by Ginger Scott in April but never finished. I also want to finish the second book in this series also. I only have a little bit left and it’s been an okay read so far.

“The Unhoneymooners” is a book I have been waiting for for a hot minute. It sounds soo cute. It’s a hate to love book and the plot is just so different. It’s about a maid of honor and the best man going on a honey moon because the bride and groom got food poisoning. No one can tell me that this scenario doesn’t sound amazing.

I found “Radio Silence” on Paperbackdreams’ YouTube videos and now I wanna read it. Honestly, I will read any book without knowing the plot if a YouTuber recommends it to me.

If I have time this month, I will try to read “Pride and Prejudice”. This is my aunt’s favorite book and movie and I have been wanting to read it for a long time now. Also, it’s a classic and I want to start reading classics.

Blogger’s Note:

I know this is only eight books, but I do have two different sets of finals this month. One for the teachers and the other for the district. I’m trying to read at least ten books a month. Sorry if this was late. This weekend is also my birthday so I might post on Thursday, Sunday, or Monday. It depends on my schedule because I have so much going on. See you Tuesday, loves.

Love you all ♡

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