Book 26: Waiting on the Sidelines

By: Ginger Scott



Nolan Lennox isn’t like other girls. She was just fine not being well off and wearing her brother’s hand-me-downs. But some cruel words make her rethink who she is. Over the next four years we watch Nolan go through the tough years of high school.

Reed Johnson has a reputation to keep up. But not his own. Son and brother of football legends. He thought his life was all planned out when a girl makes him think twice.


Wow… Okay. Umm, this book was a lot to take in. There were so many moving parts in this book.

First of all, lets talk about Reed in the first chapter. I have never hated the leading male character more. He was so mean to Nolan just to look cool in front of his friends. I cannot stand people like that and I was so happy and relieved when she told him that she heard. And it was even better that he wrote her a letter. The fact that Nolan kept the letter throughout the years was amazing.

Lets all take a moment to get prepared for this next paragraph…

Tatum wasn’t even pregnant! She freaking lied! She lied to Reed about being pregnant for what? Five seconds of attention?! I know that she was rude to begin with but you have to be on a whole different level of insensitive and hateful to break a girl’s heart and destroy a guy’s dreams. And then what Tatum said caused some things in the second book that I would rather not have happened. I swear she’s the ice queen.

I love Sean so much. He is so sweet to Nolan and Reed. He didn’t get mad when he found out about Nolan’s feelings for Reed and he didn’t get all weird around her after they broke up. And then he found the love of his life and everything was dandy!

Until it wasn’t.

The car accident made me so sad. I know exactly how Nolan was feeling; not in that scenario but her thoughts. Like everything was your fault and no matter what angle you look at it from, it always comes back to you. Even if it really wasn’t. And then you feel like a burden. Communication is all it takes to clear those feelings and thoughts. Nolan was open to the idea of talking and even tried, but Reed didn’t want to address anything.

The ending didn’t leave a cliffhanger but it didn’t close up their story. The book I got gave me a preview for the second book. That was mind blowing. The entire second book was jaw dropping. I thought the beginning was insane; the rest was a whole other kind of crazy.

That review will probably be coming in late May or June.

I really don’t think any book can compare to the “Falling” series. The first book I read by an author is usually my favorite. Still love all her books, though.

Blogger’s Note:

On my Instagram story (@books.for_thoughts) I said that I might be posting this tomorrow because of homework; but I came through y’all! I also said it might be a little late when I posted and I’m not sure if ten p.m. qualifies as late. It’s the last day of April which means my birthday is in ten days and that it is the last day of April. I am currently listening to “A Beautiful Wedding” by Jamie McGuire. It was on my April TBR and it’s only 3 hours long so… It’ll be over in about one hour. Be on the look out for two posts this weekend. One for April Wrap-up and the other for May TBR.

Love you all ♡

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