Books I Need to Read by the End of 2019

“Bred” comes out on May 10. Since I have plans that day, I will be reading it the next day on my Kindle. This book will definitely be on my May TBR because it’s by Ginger Scott… I’m already sold. -Ginger Scott

I was in Barnes and Noble the other day and I was about to buy this book, but didn’t. I refuse to read “Tell Me Three Things” any other way than with a physical copy. I am definitely getting this book soon, though. -Julie Buxbaum

“The Diary of a Young Girl” holds a special place in my heart. World War 2 played a big role in my family. I have always wanted to read this book and I have to read it anyway for school, so it’s a win win. -Anne Frank

“Panic” has a game involved that I think I have played. It seems so interesting and I have seen good reviews. -Lauren Oliver

I found “Follow Me Back” on Lovely Like Laura’s YouTube channel. Big surprise. It’s about a girl who has agoraphobia and starts talking to this famous guy… Kind of a fangirl book. -A.V. Geiger

A remaking of “Little Women” is coming out on Christmas and I need to read the book before watching the movie. This was the first book my sister read and she loves it. She doesn’t like to read either, so the fact that she likes a book is a big deal in my world. -Louisa May Alcott

Right along with book to movie adaptations, “The Sun is Also a Star” is coming out in about three weeks. I already read half of it but gave up after finding other books. -Nicola Yoon

Blogger’s Note:

So I kinda have a long TBR. I get bad anxiety over certain things; this being one. I have to time everything out and I have to have a deadline. Another reason why I have to have a monthly reading list. It helps me feel in control. I have so many more books I would like to read this year but I chose the ones I don’t think I have mentioned. I may or may not be posting this weekend. It all depends on the content and if I’m in the mood.

Love you all ♡

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