My Bookish Home Tag

Books you want to live in-

“The Heartbreakers” because they travel across the country and that’s one thing I would love to do. I have a bucket list full of places I want to go.

Author you’d choose as your roommate-

Colleen Hoover is so funny. I follow her on Instagram and she makes me laugh so much. I love having funny people in my life and she would be the perfect roommate.

Fictional place you would visit-

The world of “Series of Unfortunate Events”. It just looks so depressing… I don’t know know why I want to go there.

Favorite reading spot-

On my bed or the couch. Outside if it’s nice.

Favorite comfort book-

“Beautiful Disaster”, “The Wrong Bachelor”, “This is Falling”, “The Heartbreakers”.

Character you wouldn’t want to live with-

America from “The Selection” series. I can’t handle that girl.

Blogger’s Note:

This was a really quick tag so I decided to do it for fun. I will still be posting this weekend. Have a great night!

Love you all ♡

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