Book 25: The Outsiders

By: S.E. Hinton



The Socs and Greasers have never gotten along… Socs being rich and Greasers not being well off. They both minded their own business for the most part. But when things go to far and the gang are in the wrong place at the wrong time, everything gets messed up and a new rival begins.


I usually like having the first sentence describe my feelings, but I got nothing. This book was a lot to take in with about 180 pages. Again not a romance, accept for the smallest of small additions of love. I read this for school but finished it early because it got real tense in chapter 3 and I had to know the outcome.

For this next paragraph, I will be assuming you read the book.

In my class we had a debate in class today about who was guilty for killing Bob: Bob, Ponyboy, Johnny, or any other character such as David (who was drowning Ponyboy). We had to 1 to 10 scale for Bob, Ponyboy, Johnny. Bob: 5; Ponyboy: 7; Johnny: 1. First, Bob initiated but did not take action. He had rings and Johnny probably couldn’t do anything about David until handling Bob, so I understand. Ponyboy because if he weren’t late then they wouldn’t be in that situation. But they didn’t do anything wrong and it was self defense. Johnny because it was self defense… But when we had to choose a character, I chose the drunk driver that killed Ponyboy’s parents because then he wouldn’t have gotten ran away. If you have your own ideas fill free to comment them.

I know that Dally is a popular character because he’s a bad boy and everyone wants to save him… but he dies. I was devastated. Still am.

This is a book everyone reads because it shows perspective and judgement. It tells a story that everyone needs to hear. but it tells it in a way people will understand.

Blogger’s Note:

I read a lot of books these past few days which means that I can post more than usual. I will probably do two reviews next week because it’s in the same series and I read it quickly. I am also posting later tonight so stay tuned for that.

Love you all ♡

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