Book 24: Behind Rebel Lines

By: Seymour Reit



Emma Edmonds escapes her past by joining the Civil War. The only problem is that she isn’t a man. Adversity hits hard and the war changes in her eyes.


This isn’t a book I would usually read but I had to read it for school. I usually read a contemporary book but this is the opposite. This is a war book.

But there is a tiny bit of love. Emma’s childhood friend is a soldier, too. Used to be. When Emma heard he was coming into town, she was ecstatic. And the entire time before his death, I was like, “They’re gonna get married. They’re gonna get married. They’re gonna get married.” But no… I got over it after finishing the book.

I loved the chef’s wife. She was sweet and was the only person Emma shared her true identity with. She didn’t rat her out and they had an undeniably amazing friendship.

After Emma’s friend died, she decides to get further into the war and be spy. She goes on many missions and some of them had me scared for her life. Emma found out so many secrets and each time I was so happy for her.

Overall, this book had many things going on but it flowed.

Blogger’s Note:

I know this was a short review but it was a short book. I don’t know what else to say in this except for I am having the time of my life doing this. All of the photos I make are originals and it is so fun making them. Well, I will see you guys this weekend…

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Love you all ♡

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