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Monica- The one with your favorite perfectionist:

“After” by Anna Todd has the main character of Tessa Young. When I hear perfectionist and Tessa in the same sentence, it makes sense.

Chandler- The one with your favorite comedy relief character:

JJ from “The Heartbreakers” gets me every time. He is so funny and in every book he is my favorite character. I can’t wait for his book which is the last one. By the way Ali Novak, JJ’s lover is Cara. Not Gabriela.

Phoebe- The one with your favorite quirky character:

“Geekerella” has the one and only main character, Danielle. In the name you can see that it has geek in it. And not only is Danielle a cute geek, but she also might be related to Phoebe. But that’s just a theory…

Joey- The one you wish to be a movie:

If I haven’t made myself clear. “Beautiful Disaster”! I thought about this like last night and the night before that. Life hack: If you can’t fall asleep, try thinking of a book that you want to be a movie and play that movie in your head. I pass out after the second chapter and I use this book every time.

Rachel & Ross- The one with your favorite OTP:

“P.S. I Like You” was the first contemporary book I ever read and therefore, Lily and Cade are my OTP. But there are many couples that are my OTP besides this one.

NYC- The one that takes place in the big city:

“Behind Rebel Lines” takes place during the Civil War and in various main towns and cities on the East coast. I haven’t a lot of books that take place in a city though.

Central Perk- The one with your favorite designated hang out spot:

“By Your Side” by Kasie West is based in the library. That is pretty much all I need to know before saying yes. I mean it’s a library. That’s my entire life.

Smelly Cat- The one with your favorite outcast:

“Glass Sword” has the main character of an outcast. No matter what Mare does, everyone hates her… Except for Cal. But that’s another review for another week.

The Friends- The one with your favorite friend group:

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I have to. I am in love with America, Shepley, Travis, and Abby. “Beautiful Disaster” is amazing and it’s on this list twice for a reason.

YOUR Friends- The one where you tag your friends:

I don’t like tagging people and I have no clue why. But for the sake of the question, I will tag The Bibliophagist. I love her blogs and I would love to see her answers.

Blogger’s Note:

This tag was created by none other than LovelyLikeLaura on YouTube. Go check out her video and I had the same book options as her but didn’t want to copy. Umm… It’s late so I’m gonna go to bed but I hope you had a great day and go check out Wattpad and follow me: @Danielle_Crone. I may or may not be uploading a chapter to my first book. I hope you enjoyed this Friends post because I know most of you guys have seen it. I have never met someone who hasn’t. But fun fact, I am watching it for the first time in my life and I am on season six.

Funny thing… I am rereading and editing this and I was looking at Monica’s. I looked at Laura’s video to see if she did the same one and she did. I am now watching the video just to see if we had any other twinning moments and 6 out of 9 questions we had the same response to. But I did change most of them because I didn’t want them to be identical.

Book Review Links:

Love you all ♡

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