Book 22: Beautiful Disaster

By: Jamie McGuire



Abby Abernathy is rebuilding herself as a freshman in college. She wants to bury her past and keep it six feet under. In order to do that, she must stay away from Travis Maddox. This proves easier said than done with his persona and personality.


I have mentioned this book by Jamie McGuire in many posts and it deserves all the praise and more. Jamie McGuire is also a blogger and I will leave the link in my blogger’s note. Her blogs are just as amazing as her books.

Abby Abernathy is someone that I wish I could be. There is so much going on in this book and the way Jamie McGuire portrays it is like no other book I’ve read. It is in Abby’s perspective and her connection to Travis is so obvious. She is oblivious for months and everyone can tell that she and Travis everyone’s OTP.

Travis is my number one book boyfriend. Besides Nate Preeter. But I really don’t want to get in too deep with Travis because the second book in the “Disaster” series is in Travis’ point of view. That review will be up soon, but until then I won’t get in too deep. Travis is so sweet and will do anything for Abby. Abby sends him so many mixed signals and I feel bad for him on many occasions. I don’t know if Abby is natural flirt but she is damn good at it. A talent I wish I had.

One of my favorite moments that I always go back to when re-reading this book is when Abby calls Parker to tell him that she can’t see him anymore. The cause of this phone call is because Travis and Abby are admitting their feelings in the middle of the night.

One of my least favorite moments is when Abby is talking about her and Travis being friends. Though it’s more frustrating then a least favorite.

This is one of my most re-read books an it is obviously on my favorites shelf. Jamie McGuire is the kind of writer that will paint a picture in your mind. I don’t know how to emphasize enough how great this book is. So much goes on and the adversities of a relationship are never hidden.

The ending of both books in the “Disaster” series are my favorites because it shows them getting married. I sampled the second book in the “Beautiful” series and can’t wait to read it once I am done with all my other books. “A Beautiful Wedding” is also a soon to come read and review. The Maddox family is growing and so is my love for these series.

Blogger’s Note:

Hey guys sorry I was late again but school has drained me. I usually can’t go to bed on time but I went to bed early this week. That never happens. But besides that, it was also my sister and Travis’ birthday this week. And I had a play to be in for school. So yeah a lot has been going on. Happy birthday to Travis which was on April 1 and happy birthday to my sister which was on April 4 and she shall remain unknown. The play went great and I was in three scenes out of ten so that was an amazing experience. I am pretty sure that I got a great grade for AzMerit which was not as hard as I presumed it would be. There will be a post later this Sunday and it will be my TBR for April.

P.S. I will be using this format of posting from now on for reviews.

Love you all ♡

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