Book 26: Waiting on the Sidelines

By: Ginger Scott



Nolan Lennox isn’t like other girls. She was just fine not being well off and wearing her brother’s hand-me-downs. But some cruel words make her rethink who she is. Over the next four years we watch Nolan go through the tough years of high school.

Reed Johnson has a reputation to keep up. But not his own. Son and brother of football legends. He thought his life was all planned out when a girl makes him think twice.


Wow… Okay. Umm, this book was a lot to take in. There were so many moving parts in this book.

First of all, lets talk about Reed in the first chapter. I have never hated the leading male character more. He was so mean to Nolan just to look cool in front of his friends. I cannot stand people like that and I was so happy and relieved when she told him that she heard. And it was even better that he wrote her a letter. The fact that Nolan kept the letter throughout the years was amazing.

Lets all take a moment to get prepared for this next paragraph…

Tatum wasn’t even pregnant! She freaking lied! She lied to Reed about being pregnant for what? Five seconds of attention?! I know that she was rude to begin with but you have to be on a whole different level of insensitive and hateful to break a girl’s heart and destroy a guy’s dreams. And then what Tatum said caused some things in the second book that I would rather not have happened. I swear she’s the ice queen.

I love Sean so much. He is so sweet to Nolan and Reed. He didn’t get mad when he found out about Nolan’s feelings for Reed and he didn’t get all weird around her after they broke up. And then he found the love of his life and everything was dandy!

Until it wasn’t.

The car accident made me so sad. I know exactly how Nolan was feeling; not in that scenario but her thoughts. Like everything was your fault and no matter what angle you look at it from, it always comes back to you. Even if it really wasn’t. And then you feel like a burden. Communication is all it takes to clear those feelings and thoughts. Nolan was open to the idea of talking and even tried, but Reed didn’t want to address anything.

The ending didn’t leave a cliffhanger but it didn’t close up their story. The book I got gave me a preview for the second book. That was mind blowing. The entire second book was jaw dropping. I thought the beginning was insane; the rest was a whole other kind of crazy.

That review will probably be coming in late May or June.

I really don’t think any book can compare to the “Falling” series. The first book I read by an author is usually my favorite. Still love all her books, though.

Blogger’s Note:

On my Instagram story (@books.for_thoughts) I said that I might be posting this tomorrow because of homework; but I came through y’all! I also said it might be a little late when I posted and I’m not sure if ten p.m. qualifies as late. It’s the last day of April which means my birthday is in ten days and that it is the last day of April. I am currently listening to “A Beautiful Wedding” by Jamie McGuire. It was on my April TBR and it’s only 3 hours long so… It’ll be over in about one hour. Be on the look out for two posts this weekend. One for April Wrap-up and the other for May TBR.

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Books I Need to Read by the End of 2019

“Bred” comes out on May 10. Since I have plans that day, I will be reading it the next day on my Kindle. This book will definitely be on my May TBR because it’s by Ginger Scott… I’m already sold. -Ginger Scott

I was in Barnes and Noble the other day and I was about to buy this book, but didn’t. I refuse to read “Tell Me Three Things” any other way than with a physical copy. I am definitely getting this book soon, though. -Julie Buxbaum

“The Diary of a Young Girl” holds a special place in my heart. World War 2 played a big role in my family. I have always wanted to read this book and I have to read it anyway for school, so it’s a win win. -Anne Frank

“Panic” has a game involved that I think I have played. It seems so interesting and I have seen good reviews. -Lauren Oliver

I found “Follow Me Back” on Lovely Like Laura’s YouTube channel. Big surprise. It’s about a girl who has agoraphobia and starts talking to this famous guy… Kind of a fangirl book. -A.V. Geiger

A remaking of “Little Women” is coming out on Christmas and I need to read the book before watching the movie. This was the first book my sister read and she loves it. She doesn’t like to read either, so the fact that she likes a book is a big deal in my world. -Louisa May Alcott

Right along with book to movie adaptations, “The Sun is Also a Star” is coming out in about three weeks. I already read half of it but gave up after finding other books. -Nicola Yoon

Blogger’s Note:

So I kinda have a long TBR. I get bad anxiety over certain things; this being one. I have to time everything out and I have to have a deadline. Another reason why I have to have a monthly reading list. It helps me feel in control. I have so many more books I would like to read this year but I chose the ones I don’t think I have mentioned. I may or may not be posting this weekend. It all depends on the content and if I’m in the mood.

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My Bookish Home Tag

Books you want to live in-

“The Heartbreakers” because they travel across the country and that’s one thing I would love to do. I have a bucket list full of places I want to go.

Author you’d choose as your roommate-

Colleen Hoover is so funny. I follow her on Instagram and she makes me laugh so much. I love having funny people in my life and she would be the perfect roommate.

Fictional place you would visit-

The world of “Series of Unfortunate Events”. It just looks so depressing… I don’t know know why I want to go there.

Favorite reading spot-

On my bed or the couch. Outside if it’s nice.

Favorite comfort book-

“Beautiful Disaster”, “The Wrong Bachelor”, “This is Falling”, “The Heartbreakers”.

Character you wouldn’t want to live with-

America from “The Selection” series. I can’t handle that girl.

Blogger’s Note:

This was a really quick tag so I decided to do it for fun. I will still be posting this weekend. Have a great night!

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Book 25: The Outsiders

By: S.E. Hinton



The Socs and Greasers have never gotten along… Socs being rich and Greasers not being well off. They both minded their own business for the most part. But when things go to far and the gang are in the wrong place at the wrong time, everything gets messed up and a new rival begins.


I usually like having the first sentence describe my feelings, but I got nothing. This book was a lot to take in with about 180 pages. Again not a romance, accept for the smallest of small additions of love. I read this for school but finished it early because it got real tense in chapter 3 and I had to know the outcome.

For this next paragraph, I will be assuming you read the book.

In my class we had a debate in class today about who was guilty for killing Bob: Bob, Ponyboy, Johnny, or any other character such as David (who was drowning Ponyboy). We had to 1 to 10 scale for Bob, Ponyboy, Johnny. Bob: 5; Ponyboy: 7; Johnny: 1. First, Bob initiated but did not take action. He had rings and Johnny probably couldn’t do anything about David until handling Bob, so I understand. Ponyboy because if he weren’t late then they wouldn’t be in that situation. But they didn’t do anything wrong and it was self defense. Johnny because it was self defense… But when we had to choose a character, I chose the drunk driver that killed Ponyboy’s parents because then he wouldn’t have gotten ran away. If you have your own ideas fill free to comment them.

I know that Dally is a popular character because he’s a bad boy and everyone wants to save him… but he dies. I was devastated. Still am.

This is a book everyone reads because it shows perspective and judgement. It tells a story that everyone needs to hear. but it tells it in a way people will understand.

Blogger’s Note:

I read a lot of books these past few days which means that I can post more than usual. I will probably do two reviews next week because it’s in the same series and I read it quickly. I am also posting later tonight so stay tuned for that.

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Goodreads Tag

What was the last book you marked as ‘read’?

Thursday morning at 8:10 a.m., I finished “The Outsiders”. All you need to know is that you might want to read Tuesday’s review. I gave it five stars cause it’s amazing and you guys should go read it.

What are you currently reading?

“The Problem with Forever” is taking me so long to read! I am a hundred pages away from the end. But it is on my April TBR which means I will read it sometime this week.

What was the last book you marked as ‘TBR’?

I started “The Names They Gave Us” but never finished. I am near page 100 but there are other books I would rather read.

What book do you plan to read next?

I am listening to it right now and just started it. “Beautiful Oblivion” is on my April TBR and I need to start reading it. So I started reading it when I started writing this post.

Do you use the star rating system?

Yes. Obviously.

But sometimes I feel like some books can’t just be described with stars. Some of my favorite books have 3 stars but others have near five. It all just depends on your book preferences.

Are you doing the 2014 Reading Challenge?

I can’t. But I will be doing the 2019 one.

Do you have a wish list?

Yes and no… For my birthday and Christmas I have a wish list. But in general, no.

What book do you plan to buy next?

I don’t buy books a lot. And if I do, it is usually if I have money -and I never do- or on Audible. But the next book I’m going to buy will be “Bred” by Ginger Scott. It comes out on my birthday so me and my mom will go to the mall, get “Bred” and do a little bit of shopping.

Do you have any favorite quotes, would you like to share a few?

“The makers of inspirational kitty posters should be disemboweled.” -Goodbye Rebel Blue

“When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.” -Pride and Prejudice

“Love is hard to show when you’ve never felt it.” -Broken Boarders

Who are your favorite authors?

Ginger Scott, Jamie McGuire, Kasie West, Lemony Snicket, and Ali Novak are my top.

Have you joined any groups?

I’m not really active in that section of life.

Are there any questions you would like to add?

Nope. I’m good.

Blogger’s Note:

Again, LovelyLikeLaura on YouTube is where I got the questions. Go check out her video. Link to the book I mentioned is below. This tag is from 2013 or 2014, hence the Reading Challenge question. Also, that “Broken Boarders” quotes was written by me and you guys should go check out my book on Wattpad!

Happy Good Friday everyone!

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Book 24: Behind Rebel Lines

By: Seymour Reit



Emma Edmonds escapes her past by joining the Civil War. The only problem is that she isn’t a man. Adversity hits hard and the war changes in her eyes.


This isn’t a book I would usually read but I had to read it for school. I usually read a contemporary book but this is the opposite. This is a war book.

But there is a tiny bit of love. Emma’s childhood friend is a soldier, too. Used to be. When Emma heard he was coming into town, she was ecstatic. And the entire time before his death, I was like, “They’re gonna get married. They’re gonna get married. They’re gonna get married.” But no… I got over it after finishing the book.

I loved the chef’s wife. She was sweet and was the only person Emma shared her true identity with. She didn’t rat her out and they had an undeniably amazing friendship.

After Emma’s friend died, she decides to get further into the war and be spy. She goes on many missions and some of them had me scared for her life. Emma found out so many secrets and each time I was so happy for her.

Overall, this book had many things going on but it flowed.

Blogger’s Note:

I know this was a short review but it was a short book. I don’t know what else to say in this except for I am having the time of my life doing this. All of the photos I make are originals and it is so fun making them. Well, I will see you guys this weekend…

Unless you follow my Wattpad: @Danielle_Crone

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Tag credit to: LovelyLikeLaura

Monica- The one with your favorite perfectionist:

“After” by Anna Todd has the main character of Tessa Young. When I hear perfectionist and Tessa in the same sentence, it makes sense.

Chandler- The one with your favorite comedy relief character:

JJ from “The Heartbreakers” gets me every time. He is so funny and in every book he is my favorite character. I can’t wait for his book which is the last one. By the way Ali Novak, JJ’s lover is Cara. Not Gabriela.

Phoebe- The one with your favorite quirky character:

“Geekerella” has the one and only main character, Danielle. In the name you can see that it has geek in it. And not only is Danielle a cute geek, but she also might be related to Phoebe. But that’s just a theory…

Joey- The one you wish to be a movie:

If I haven’t made myself clear. “Beautiful Disaster”! I thought about this like last night and the night before that. Life hack: If you can’t fall asleep, try thinking of a book that you want to be a movie and play that movie in your head. I pass out after the second chapter and I use this book every time.

Rachel & Ross- The one with your favorite OTP:

“P.S. I Like You” was the first contemporary book I ever read and therefore, Lily and Cade are my OTP. But there are many couples that are my OTP besides this one.

NYC- The one that takes place in the big city:

“Behind Rebel Lines” takes place during the Civil War and in various main towns and cities on the East coast. I haven’t a lot of books that take place in a city though.

Central Perk- The one with your favorite designated hang out spot:

“By Your Side” by Kasie West is based in the library. That is pretty much all I need to know before saying yes. I mean it’s a library. That’s my entire life.

Smelly Cat- The one with your favorite outcast:

“Glass Sword” has the main character of an outcast. No matter what Mare does, everyone hates her… Except for Cal. But that’s another review for another week.

The Friends- The one with your favorite friend group:

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I have to. I am in love with America, Shepley, Travis, and Abby. “Beautiful Disaster” is amazing and it’s on this list twice for a reason.

YOUR Friends- The one where you tag your friends:

I don’t like tagging people and I have no clue why. But for the sake of the question, I will tag The Bibliophagist. I love her blogs and I would love to see her answers.

Blogger’s Note:

This tag was created by none other than LovelyLikeLaura on YouTube. Go check out her video and I had the same book options as her but didn’t want to copy. Umm… It’s late so I’m gonna go to bed but I hope you had a great day and go check out Wattpad and follow me: @Danielle_Crone. I may or may not be uploading a chapter to my first book. I hope you enjoyed this Friends post because I know most of you guys have seen it. I have never met someone who hasn’t. But fun fact, I am watching it for the first time in my life and I am on season six.

Funny thing… I am rereading and editing this and I was looking at Monica’s. I looked at Laura’s video to see if she did the same one and she did. I am now watching the video just to see if we had any other twinning moments and 6 out of 9 questions we had the same response to. But I did change most of them because I didn’t want them to be identical.

Book Review Links:

Love you all ♡

Book 23: Walking Disaster

By: Jamie McGuire


Plot: (Original Summary)

Can you love someone too much?

Travis Maddox learned two things from his mother before she died: Love hard. Fight harder.

In Walking Disaster, the life of Travis is full of fast women, underground gambling, and violence. But just when he thinks he is invincible, Abby Abernathy brings him to his knees.

Every story has two sides. In Beautiful Disaster, Abby had her say. Now it’s time to see the story through Travis’s eyes.


If I haven’t already proven my love for this series, this should do it. “Walking Disaster” is another book I have read more than once. I asked my family whether or not I should do this book or another. They said this one–obviously–so here it is.

Like I said in my “Beautiful Disaster” review (link in Blogger’s Note) that I didn’t want to go in too deep with Travis because there is this book in his perspective. Travis is someone who is logical, sweet, funny and dedicated. Here’s my man. I freakin’ love him!

Abby frustrates me even more in this one than she did in the first book. It’s only because I get even madder at her for how she is making Travis feel. But besides that, I love the Mrs. and Mr. Maddox. The last chapter and the epilogue of the book is overall my favorite part of the book. It shows them getting married and 13 years later with kids. It also shows Travis’ job and damn I didn’t see that plot twist coming.

He’s apart of CSI with his brother. Excuse me, what?

Anyways, Travis’ father needs to be my in-law. We saw very little of him during the first book and it was so nice to see what he likes. Along with stuff we didn’t get to see, one of my favorite moments was when Travis found out that Abby purposely lost the bet.

This book shows more information than I thought was put into this book. I truly fell in love with Jamie McGuire’s writing. You can’t read her books without getting connected with every character.

Blogger’s Note:

Sorry I was a day late. I truly am trying to get on a schedule. I’m gonna go re-read this again because I’m getting all giddy.

April TBR

The first two books are ones that I started in March and I want to finish in April. Other then that, these books are placed in no particular order.

The first book I want to finish is “After We Collided” by Anna Todd. It’s 99 or so chapters and I am in the middle of chapter 98. I am reading it on Wattpad so I don’t have an exact count. This book id a continuation of Hessa (Hardin/Harry and Tessa). It shows more arguments and hardships this couple has. I am curious to see what plot twist Anna Todd adds in the last two paragraphs. I know a lot of stuff happened but I am still wondering how Anna Todd will leave this cliff hanger.

The next book I want to finish is “The Problem with Forever”. I was waiting to get back to school so I could get it at the library, but I have wanted to read this book for a while. After a silent life, Mallory Dodge decides to be social and go to a public school for her senior year. Her past has never been her friend but then her friend from her past is in her classes and is still the same guy she loved as a kid. Mallory and Rider re-connect and they realize that the spark they had as kids never faded. But Rider has a new life that is not so different from his past and Mallory struggles to watch his life spiral out of control.

“Beautiful Oblivion” is by Jamie McGuire and I want to read all her books by the end of May at the latest. I have no clue what this book is about except for the fact that a Maddox brother and a bartender have a thing for each other.

Keeping with the Jamie McGuire books, “A Beautiful Wedding” is all about Abby and Travis’ wedding… so I’m already sold. It’s about Abby and Travis, I mean how could I not read this? Again, I have no clue what this is about except for the wedding night on spring break.

“Wesley James Ruined My Life” is a book that I am so desperate to read but I don’t have money to or it is not on my apps. What I mean by that is I like to read on Wattpad, listen on Audible or YouTube, read on Amazon Kindle, or buy at Barnes and Noble. The last time I checked it wasn’t at my Barnes and Noble, it’s not on Audible or YouTube, and Wattpad isn’t even an option. So I would love to read the story of how Wesley re-enters Quinn’s life and ruins it. Again. Her life is already broken and his presence doesn’t help.

In my Book 21 -link in blogger’s note- I talked about Ginger Scott and reading her books. This includes reading “Memphis”. Like I said with Jamie McGuire, I just want to finish reading all of her books. All I know is that a daughter of a fighter has some crap going on that she has to escape. While coming back to her father and mother, she meets another fighter named Memphis. I think we all know where it goes from there. But the things is, Ginger Scott always makes it have a plot twist that just makes their love so much harder to give into.

Ginger Scott finished her “Waiting on the Sideline” series in January so I want to finish the entire series this month. There are three books in this series that follow Nolan and Reed as they find love and battle to stay together as they are faced with challenges.

Blogger’s Note:

I didn’t read a lot last month and I had a major reading slump. So this is just books that I am going to finish this month but I probably will read more books that I find along April. I would love to read more this month but it has been really hard with school and homework. I have had a lot of events going on this past month. I am getting so excited about reading these books and I hope you found a few good books to read this month.

Love you all ♡

Book 22: Beautiful Disaster

By: Jamie McGuire



Abby Abernathy is rebuilding herself as a freshman in college. She wants to bury her past and keep it six feet under. In order to do that, she must stay away from Travis Maddox. This proves easier said than done with his persona and personality.


I have mentioned this book by Jamie McGuire in many posts and it deserves all the praise and more. Jamie McGuire is also a blogger and I will leave the link in my blogger’s note. Her blogs are just as amazing as her books.

Abby Abernathy is someone that I wish I could be. There is so much going on in this book and the way Jamie McGuire portrays it is like no other book I’ve read. It is in Abby’s perspective and her connection to Travis is so obvious. She is oblivious for months and everyone can tell that she and Travis everyone’s OTP.

Travis is my number one book boyfriend. Besides Nate Preeter. But I really don’t want to get in too deep with Travis because the second book in the “Disaster” series is in Travis’ point of view. That review will be up soon, but until then I won’t get in too deep. Travis is so sweet and will do anything for Abby. Abby sends him so many mixed signals and I feel bad for him on many occasions. I don’t know if Abby is natural flirt but she is damn good at it. A talent I wish I had.

One of my favorite moments that I always go back to when re-reading this book is when Abby calls Parker to tell him that she can’t see him anymore. The cause of this phone call is because Travis and Abby are admitting their feelings in the middle of the night.

One of my least favorite moments is when Abby is talking about her and Travis being friends. Though it’s more frustrating then a least favorite.

This is one of my most re-read books an it is obviously on my favorites shelf. Jamie McGuire is the kind of writer that will paint a picture in your mind. I don’t know how to emphasize enough how great this book is. So much goes on and the adversities of a relationship are never hidden.

The ending of both books in the “Disaster” series are my favorites because it shows them getting married. I sampled the second book in the “Beautiful” series and can’t wait to read it once I am done with all my other books. “A Beautiful Wedding” is also a soon to come read and review. The Maddox family is growing and so is my love for these series.

Blogger’s Note:

Hey guys sorry I was late again but school has drained me. I usually can’t go to bed on time but I went to bed early this week. That never happens. But besides that, it was also my sister and Travis’ birthday this week. And I had a play to be in for school. So yeah a lot has been going on. Happy birthday to Travis which was on April 1 and happy birthday to my sister which was on April 4 and she shall remain unknown. The play went great and I was in three scenes out of ten so that was an amazing experience. I am pretty sure that I got a great grade for AzMerit which was not as hard as I presumed it would be. There will be a post later this Sunday and it will be my TBR for April.

P.S. I will be using this format of posting from now on for reviews.

Love you all ♡