March Wrap-Up

In order of dates-

“Best Kind of Broken” by Chelsea Fine is a soon to come book review. It was cute and nothing I expected. The unexpected is what gave the book purpose and the four stars.

“Lucky Suit” is an Audible original by Lauren Blackely. I gave it three stars because I read couldn’t relate to anything but the love was cute.

Read “Out of His League” again more Maggie Dallen. It is a favorite that I can always re-read and still give five stars.

Again with the re-read of a favorite. “Beautiful Disaster” by Jamie McGuire is a book I have mention before and I am working on the review because this is a five star book.

And lastly, “The Perfect Catch” by Maggie Dallen. I am trying to finish all of Maggie Dallen’s books and this is one of them that I gave three stars.

Blogger’s Note:

I live in Arizona. Therefore I have to take AzMerit for state testing. This week is testing so I will most likely post my review tomorrow, Thursday, or Friday. Sorry but if I want to make it into University of Sydney, your girl has to keep up her A’s. Sorry but I hope you liked this post and I will be doing an April TBR next week. Have a great day my loves and I will see you in a week or so.

Love you all ♡

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