Book 21: The Girl I was Before

By: Ginger Scott


As you all know, Ginger Scott is an amazing writer when it comes to romance. “Waiting on the Sidelines” is one of her most famous (in my opinion). But my personal favorite is “This is Falling”. This is the first book in the “Falling” series. That was my eighth review and the second book in that series was my ninth.

I wanted to wait a while before posting another Ginger Scott book because I am reading every single one of her books right now. Just preparing you for the Ginger Scott reviews in the near future.

But I just talked about this book yesterday and realized I had a lot more to say about it than I thought I did.

I was debating whether or not to read in the first place because I didn’t like her in the first or second book so why would I read the third book which is all about her? Well because I love the first two books. Paige isn’t as bad as she seems and definitely has reasons for her actions. Maybe not good actions or smart reasons, but I understand her.

As for Houston… I was actually in awe by his story. This is definitely not a a Rowe and Nate or Cass and Ty story. This is much more indescribable. Their love is where you are screaming at them to be smart and communicate and you know they can’t hear you but you still try.

And his daughter is the reason she doesn’t want to be with him. When Paige moved in with Houston and his family, she was a factor to them and had at that point became important. But when Paige left that was the second women to leave Houston’s daughter. I got so pissed at her. I did love Houston and his family because they were so sweet.

I loved this book and I didn’t see what was coming. Ginger Scott makes the most sweet and loving male leads. The growth of the characters throughout all her books is undeniable and amazing.

Love you all ♡

If You Like This…

If you like this than you will like this. I will be giving five different books that I similar or as amazing as another book.

Jenny Han’s “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” is a very popular book and if you are cheap and want something like that but not exact, “Bad Boy’s Game” is on Wattpad for free. Wattpad is a writing and reading app that have cringy stories, but this one is written like a published book. It was written by Beautifultragedies (or Bree) on Wattpad and it’s about two people who want to get payback on the same guy. Their solution is to fake date. You can see where that goes.

Morgan Matson is a famous author and “Since You’ve Been Gone” is not any different when it comes to fame. My most recent review of “Goodbye, Rebel Blue” is somewhat similar. It’s about finishing a list and finding love and adventure along the way. Different circumstances but the same main plot.

I can’t blog without mentioning “Five Feet Apart”. Now, I know these aren’t the same… But when you think about it, they kinda are. “The Fault in Our Stars” has two sick people who fall in love and then the male leaves. They have a sick friend who has love problems and goes through a traumatic experience. And in “Five Feet Apart,” two people are in love and sick. And then the male love interest has to leave. There is a friend who has love trouble, but instead of a traumatic experience, he dies. Bam.

Before you take my advice on this one, realize that I love one book and hate the other. “The Wrong Bachelor” is on my favorites list about a girl who competes with other girls to get the guy. Drama is real with this “love triangle” and the psychos in this book. “The Selection” has so many issues with it but personally liked. At first. If you are going to read this series. Be prepared to get so mad at the main character. She is in a way more serious competition but still is competing with other girls for a guy. Both characters are apart of some kind of love triangle, both had past loves who are involved, there’s a psycho who messes everything up, and the whole world gets to see your love life for a period of time. Everything is same in this book except for the main characters because Madi in “The Wrong Bachelor,” is way better than America in “The Selection.”

“Stupid Girl” is actually the exact same as “After”. (Spoilers if you haven’t finished or have yet to read “After”.) A list of things: Age with girls; Age with guys; Girls are virgins; Guys have to take girls virginity; The girls just came out of relationships; Girls fall in love; Boys have pasts; Basically same. There is really no difference. But just saying, Anna Todd wrote “After” on Wattpad in 2013 before “Stupid Girl” which was published in March of 2014; “After” October 2014.

Blogger’s Note:

I tried to do a variety of different books to please everyone. “The Wrong Bachelor” was my second review; “Five Feet Apart” review 13; “The Selection” 27; “Goodbye, Rebel Blue” review 20. Review will be posted soon after this.

Love you all ♡