Book 20: Goodbye, Rebel Blue

By: Shelley Coriell



Fate had brought Rebecca Blue to a bucket list that needs to be completed. A rebel outsider must do acts of an angel. This list helps Rebel discover a whole other world than lonely. But will she embrace it or run?


When a girl says that she is different than the other girls, I have lost all patience for them. But this book actually resembles a different girl. I have never seen this representation of a girl and I have gone to several schools with several hundred girls.

Rebel Blue is an outsider who really doesn’t get into trouble that often. I love the back story of her life and how Shelley Coriell doesn’t hide any truth or lies. She shows a girls point of view on something she has no experience in. Rebel has a hard time completing the list and I can relate to her. I have tried something and failed before and that is a main point in the book.

Her writing is clear and you can picture what is happening. I would have never read the book unless my friend read it and she told just how amazing it was. I read the author’s summary and because of how that was written, I read the book. The best I have ever made in the library.

Love you all – ♡

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