Book 20: Goodbye, Rebel Blue

By: Shelley Coriell



Fate had brought Rebecca Blue to a bucket list that needs to be completed. A rebel outsider must do acts of an angel. This list helps Rebel discover a whole other world than lonely. But will she embrace it or run?


When a girl says that she is different than the other girls, I have lost all patience for them. But this book actually resembles a different girl. I have never seen this representation of a girl and I have gone to several schools with several hundred girls.

Rebel Blue is an outsider who really doesn’t get into trouble that often. I love the back story of her life and how Shelley Coriell doesn’t hide any truth or lies. She shows a girls point of view on something she has no experience in. Rebel has a hard time completing the list and I can relate to her. I have tried something and failed before and that is a main point in the book.

Her writing is clear and you can picture what is happening. I would have never read the book unless my friend read it and she told just how amazing it was. I read the author’s summary and because of how that was written, I read the book. The best I have ever made in the library.

Love you all – ♡

Totally Should’ve… -Book Tag

Totally should’ve gotten a sequel-

I know for this one people usually do one of their favorites, but I think “Shuffle, Repeat”, should’ve gotten one. I have already made a review on this book and we only got a slow burn romance.

I want to know what Oliver and June’s relationship will be like in college and about June’s personal life with her dad. And what happens with Oliver?!

“Shuffle, Repeat”, has so much information and things we didn’t get to really see what happens after that we should get to see and we should get to know what happens after.

Totally should’ve had a spin-off series-

The “Falling” Series totally should’ve had a spin-off. The books are just so well written and the relationships are so amazing that it should’ve had a spin-off series.

An author who should’ve totally written more books-

Rachael Lippincott I think is an upcoming author, but she only has one book that came out in November of 2018. But that book is my absolute favorite and I have never fangirled about a book and movie more.

I am praying that she is an upcoming author and not just someone who decides to publish one book.

Totally should’ve ended differently-

“A Summer Like No Other”, just ins’t my cup of tea. I hated this book because there isn’t an ending to it. There is an end to the book but no closure to the characters. This book wasn’t good to begin with, but it could’ve been better if the ending was better.

Totally should’ve had a movie franchise-

The first book that came to mind when I read this question was, “The Wrong Bachelor”. I make such a big deal about this book being a movie and how it should. The plot is so unique and I pulled an all nighter reading this. Cadi is my OTP.

Totally should’ve had a TV series-

“Heartbreak Chronicles”, is my favorite series. It is a girls dream in a book. Netflix needs to step up their game and this would do just that.

Oliver and Stella have an amazing and fun story. But then came Felicity and Alec and that was just a ride to remember.

Totally should have a cover change-

“Through to You”, by Lauren Barnholdt is just… It needs a cover change. It is to people kissing in horrible lighting. And I don’t know if it is just me or is her makeup messed up as hell. The title of the book isn’t really focused on and the colors definitely don’t correlate with each other.

Totally should’ve stopped at one book-

When I choose a book, I am really picky. And when I choose book they are really good and they usually end up being 4 or 5 stars. But you all know I did a rant review on the “Selection” series, and I think this entire series would have been better if it was a really long book and not as dramatic as it was.

Blogger’s Note:

I still don’t know how to feel about adding other book related topics into this blog. But I really enjoyed this book tag and I want to continue. Let me know if you like it and what other book related posts you want to see.