Book 19: On the Fence

By: Kasie West



Braden and Charlie and her brothers have been friends since childhood. She is the biggest tomboy and acts like a guy. And when she turns sixteen, she can finally start dating. After she has to get a job and her only option is a fashion store, she starts to see what being a girl is like. She learns and grows and gets asked out! And midnight chats with Braden don’t help the feelings she has started to grow for him. This athlete is a winner with sports, but is she a winner at love?


I have read most of Kasie West books and this is my second favorite. “On the Fence”, is about a tomboy who is finally allowed to date at sixteen. And this is one thing that I love about this book; it is realistic for me since a rule in my parent’s house for my younger and older sisters is that we can’t/ couldn’t date till sixteen. And the cursing! Cursing is a big no in my parent’s house and in Charlie’s.

We learn in the very beginning that her mom passed away during her early stages of life. This didn’t look like it had a big impact on her until near the end of the book. Charlie likes to runaway from problems from what I can see. Her mom dies and she goes straight to the roof (understandable). She has feelings; apparently not in her mind.

Braden always seemed to want to tell her something all the while keeping her safe. And when he finally tells Charlie the secret he just stops in the middle! I get it because Charlie was the one to leave but come on… go after her. You can’t just hop a fence in the middle of the night and start a secret you don’t intend to finish.

Braden is also an okay dude. Most of Kasie West’s book boyfriends are not at the top of my list, but I would see Braden as a good friend. I have the worst taste in guys–because I find the cringiest ones–and I shouldn’t have a say in this topic, but Braden’s qualities and personality is vague and I found a lot of small boyfriend things. (I am so bad at explaining this…) It showed a few pieces of him being protective over her, few pieces of him caring for her, and few pieces of more things. I honestly think it’s just me being picky with my–cringy–guy choices though.

Disclaimer and other stuff:

I have not been on my posting game…

(All of my emotions about this topic)- 😤😩😑😣🤦

I am so sorry about how my chronic reviews are in fact not chronic. While writing this, I currently have the flu and pink eyes. Tissues are being shoved up my nostrils while drops of uncertain medication is going in my eye. On top of that, my school has a threat and there is festival I may or may not attend after being so excited about it. My room is a mess I have to clean and in exactly a month, I have finals… 😤 The death of every human brain ever.

Life is just a slap in the face. And I understand that it’s in a month but still, it’s finals.

But lets talk about this knew format! Whoa how fancy… I am going to start adding the cover of the book and start using the format that I did in this post. Tell me if you like it because I feel like adding a plot and then a review just seems better. But what do I know about anything so you tell me what you think.

Again, I am sorry for my reviews and how they are not consistent. I am not sure if this is a disclaimer but please don’t come at me for my eyeballs and the fact that they are pink and red like roses.

Also, I have been thinking about doing other book related stuff and not just reviews. My weekly reviews with be the same, but I might also throw in a book related post like if there is a book tag. But I haven’t been as into this as I was and I thought I was just going to quit when I realized how unlike me that was and I want to start doing this but scared for the reaction.

Have a great day and don’t get pink eye. ♡

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