Book 18: Geekerella

By: Ashley Poston


This book is on my favorites list on my Goodreads account for a reason. Geekerella is so different from the books I read. And it is also cool that the main character and I have the same name.

Danielle is so nerdy and cute, I really don’t know how to describe her. She is sweet and I love a good retelling and this one made Cinderella look weak. Darien was kind of a jerk in the beginning. But then I got to know him, and he was okay. But then I was like, “Wow. He’s not half bad…” But nevertheless, in the end, he’s sweet and a stereotypical hot nerd.

The plot was very sweet and I love how they turned the story around a little and had Calliope (Danielle’s step sister) be a decent human being. And she started dating Sage (Danielle’s co-worker).

The ending was just so different and fun. I mean a freaking orange food truck is speeding across a country club. Darien and Danielle are like puzzle pieces and their personalities and quirks fit perfectly together.

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