Book 17: The Selection

By: Kiera Cass

Lets talk…

I cannot explain how much I hate America Singer. This will obviously be a rant review because sometimes I just need to throw a horrible book in the mix.

One of many things I hate about this book is that America is a hypocrite. She is such a freaking hypocrite that I actually had a laughing fit about it. She complains every paragraph about how Maxon and Kriss like each other and why would he like her, but she is doing the same thing with Aspen. He is wondering the same thing and is in the same place.

And Kiera Cass makes America’s mom sound like an evil stepmother and America’s dad sound like a piece of heaven. But there is so much foreshadowing it is so obvious the outcome. I won’t spoil that much because it is later in the series… And yes I have read the second book and then read two chapters of the third before I laughed at how stupid it was and then closed the book.

So be prepared for another rant review in about a month! That one will be interesting…

I get so frustrated with this book that I am amazed that I enjoyed the first time around and even read the second book. Even if this is probably one of the worst books ever, I know a bunch of people who enjoyed it and I can see why. But this book is definitely not my cup of tea.

Would not recommend personally, but I would if you like trashy love fantasy series.

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