Book 16: Perfectly Oblivious (and other books by Robin Daniels)

By: Robin Daniels


There will be spoilers in all of my reviews from this review and on.

I have been on the fence about reading this book because Goodreads (@Elle_Haze) has a rating of 3.95. And I know that that is a high rating but I sampled it and decided to get a different book in which I will be reviewing next week. But I decided to get it after reading the story line of the other books in the series.

I don’t do negative reviews but this series gave me mixed feelings. I enjoyed the characters and the plot but it took awhile to get there. I listened to this on Audible and a large fraction of the beginning was just talking about their feelings without getting into the summary I was provided with.

This book is duel point of view between Cameron (Cam) and Bianca (Bebe). Their relationship was stereotypical and the plot was predictable. I liked Robin Daniels writing, but the only problem I had -also a problem with Millionaire B&B- is that when Robin Daniels writes duel views, one character thinks one and then the other says it out loud. I believe she meant it as they know each other so well, but it was completely over used to the point where it got annoying.

Besides that, I felt as though I understood what they did and why. But there is an exception for one scene.

Bebe goes out on a date and Cam gets so jealous that he stalks them. Literally follows them to a football game and to Chili’s. I thought he was stupid but it sounded like a good idea. Sounded; past tense. Bebe never found out and it kind of effected the story but I felt there were better ways to get the ending they got.

This book reminded me of the Duff in a few aspects. Such as: Bianca; friends since they were kids, both guys are athletes, girls have best friends that get more guy attention. The plots are different, but I kept comparing and contrasting these two books.

Since I will never read the other books in the series, I will talk about them here.

I will never in a lifetime read the second book. It doesn’t interest me and again, it is sort of stereotypical.

I was ready to buy the fourth book but then I previewed it on Goodreads. I thank God everyday for that preview. I hated the characters in that book in the first few pages and I put it done before the preview was over. The plot was intriguing but the I couldn’t deal with the characters.

I planned to read the third book after the forth but after reading the first previews of all the books in this series and reading the first book I decided that I would just stop with this series.

The plots were amazing but I just couldn’t get through it.

If you enjoy cheesy books that involve a lot of basketball, read this one.

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