Book 15: Red Queen

By: Victoria Aveyard


This was the first fantasy book I have ever read and I now understand all of the fandoms I have seen on the internet. When I finished this book, I didn’t really fully comprehend the ending. I understand that reading the summary kind of spoils the book, but I didn’t read the summary. I just picked the book up and started reading it.

✋⚠ I will be spoiling the book during this review.

Maven was my book boyfriend for a good two days before I finally discovered his dark secret. And the cameras that were in the dancing room! You really couldn’t turn them off Mare?

But I love how Cal and Mare met. Cal liked her from the beginning even though she was a Red. But honestly I thought that the Bowl of Bones scene would end up differently. I thought Cal and Mare would handle it differently but the way Victoria made the ending had me clapping.

Who else thinks that this book should become a movie because I would have this on DVD.

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