Book 14: Paper Hearts

By: Ali Novak


While I was trying to find information on this book on Wattpad, I noticed I had a totally different story line that what I thought. I listened to an audio version on Youtube (because I’m cheap) and when I looked at Wattpad it was different and I don’t recall a Lucy or Queen of Hearts. For this review I will be reviewing the audio version because I have to post something and I already have a review in my journal. So here it is:

As I vaguely mentioned in the Book 4 that the Heartbreakers is part of a part of a trilogy and that the second book is out and the third the third book is being made. So now I am going to tell my thoughts on the Paper Hearts.

Felicity and Alec are so adorable! It made me have really bad anxiety when Felicity didn’t trust Alec. It made me scared knowing there was a chance of Alec and Felicity not being together.

Felicity Jole is so talented and I really want to buy her necklaces from what I know.

I like how Violet handled the situation in the end, but then my mind changed when I read the third book. I know it’s not out yet officially, but Ali has already finished 13 chapters on Wattpad. I don’t really know how to feel anymore. I don’t want to say that she’s nice, but I think Ali is going to make show her real feelings and they’ll make up. I am getting way too off track.

If you are in love with sweet and funny YA contemporary, this series is a must read! And if you are interested but don’t want to spend money, download the app Wattpad and all of @fallzswimmer ‘s books (including ones that will never be published) will be on there). And the first, second, and first thirteen chapters of the third book in the Heartbreak Chronicles.

Sorry this isn’t one of the best 😣

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