Book 13: Five Feet Apart

By: Rachel Lippincott


Unlucky thirteen my butt. This book is amazing.

I have read no other book like this. Every thing this book has gone through and is going through is unbelievable. My friends didn’t even believe me when I told them what was happening with the book. This a rather new book that came out on November 20 of 2018. It doesn’t take that long to film a movie but the process does. This movie is coming out on March 13 of 2019 (or earlier). It wasn’t even out for a full two months before they decided to make it into a movie. They are done filming and I will link the trailer below. Does anyone want to see this movie with me because I am really excited to and I marked it in beautiful bright colors.

I was laughing my butt off when Will did anything. He is freaking hilarious. I watched the trailer before I finished reading the book and I squealed every time I noticed something in the book that I saw from the trailer.

I am very good at guessing the endings to books, and this one was no different. But I would have never guessed how they would have gotten there. ‘Everything Everything’ by Nicola Yoon is kinda similar to this book except for a few details. If you did like that book or movie, you will love this book or movie.

Watch the movie if the book doesn’t seem your style though.

I won’t go into great detail because I feel that everyone should read this book.

I didn’t like Cole Sprouse until I found out he was in this movie. I watched this trailer like a hundred times.

Can’t wait! It’s Cole Sprouse… Come on.

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