Book 12: Out of His League

By: Maggie Dallen


It is kind of depressing that books like ‘Catch a Falling Star’, ‘The Heartbreakers’, ‘The Wrong Bachelor’, and many more don’t get enough attention. I have never had these books recommended to me and I had to search high and low to find a my favorites. This book included.

Out of His League is so cute! I got it on audible and I listened to it twice because I didn’t want it to be over. Some phrases and similes were said multiple times and I think it there were different ways to say it, but I got the point they were trying to make. I was really excited when I saw it was part of a series and I was sad to find that it wasn’t a continuation of Veronica and Drew. I was hoping to see their journey in Boston together.

I was really surprised when I heard what was happening during the kissing part. Wow. Excuse me. Drew took Veronica to a private spot around the corner for a reason.

Why are the great books the short ones? Definitely a worthy read!

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