Book 10: Catch a Falling Star

By: Kim Culbertson


I have not seen this book anywhere. I could barely find it online. This book gets no credit for how good it is. I like to think I review books that don’t get enough acknowledgement, but this one, I found this on Pintrest when I was scrolling through ya contemporary books. If I had to go to that length to find a book this good, that is just sad.

I love seeing two points of view in a book, but this book didn’t need it. I was waiting in anticipation for when Adam would realize he liked Carter. I had no clue what was running through his head and for once I was happy that there was only one point of view.

I didn’t like Adam as a person, but I liked him when he was with Carter. She made him a better guy. And I loved the cover. It related to the book and most importantly, it wasn’t cheesy. This book would look really pretty in anyone’s library.

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